Sunday, 8 November 2009

Work Wife Balance

This weekend's irreverent post is a guest post in le embrouille blogueur's blog. I am flirting with deep danger by continuing to needle the fair ladies, but then, this Sunday is that sort of a Sunday. Ladies - this is all just for some idle fun ; don't take anything seriously ! Click here to read this post.


  1. A psychological analysis had recently concluded that the men frequently getting into self sympathy mode is a manifestation of their guilt conscious of the inequality and one sidedness which they have burdened their life partner with and their inability to empathise and lack to desire to correct the silent but cheerful surrender from the weaker sex to this unevenness.

    PS: The author of the comment hereby wants to expressly disclaim that the above is a pure consolidation of the research finding and is in no way intended to directly or indirectly hint anything about the author of the blog.

  2. for some reason, it is not allowing me to post the comment @ le embrouille blogueur - believe me - "i dont suspect some conspiracy from you"

    so decided to post the comment here - as you know - "I never give up" - especially when you have touched a topic so close to heart :-)

  3. @sandhya - What a dignified and classy remonstrance. I bow to thee lady - you just ooze class.

    Look forward to your repartee in your blog :)

  4. Exkalibur6668/11/09

    Spotting what is different abt the wife is the hard part i guess..i would have to scratch my head really hard... Throwing out garbage is fun...atleast u get out of the house..That tamil film Mozhi was was all silence... :)

  5. kiwibloke8/11/09

    perhaps you missed out one part about the dressing stuff for going out- Never answer the question 'does this dress make me look fat' in either the affirmative or the negative. dwadle, and answer in swahili or lithuanian

  6. No comments on this one! There was a party at my place yesterday and my husband made 'Tandoori Chicken' which was absolutely out of this world. And its not just this once, other ladies out here are already swooning over his culinary skills. He does help quite a bit around the house too!

  7. @Exkalibur - :). Hadn't heard about Mozhi, but I would have thought any film that dabbled in these dangerous waters would get ripped apart by the maidens ...

    @kiwi :) That's a deadly question :)

    @Deepa : See, your man has practiced my concepts :):)

  8. Exkalibur6669/11/09

    Mozhi is a nice movie.. do watch when u find the time..

  9. "If you do all the dos and don’t do the don’ts, then you’ll achieve work wife balance."
    --hehehe, that is a good advice to all husbands.

  10. LOL that was hilarious , AJCL can u do a counter post for this ?

    narayana narayana

  11. Durga9/11/09

    Tend to agree with Deepa. My husband is a gem!

  12. @Dave - :)

    @Sri - Oh AJCL will beat us hollow with a dignified post ....

    @Durga - Oh you lovestruck women :D

  13. Just remembered an interesting story my mom told me years ago - my mom was a professor in a college in chennai and one of her colleagues ( a woman) married her student who was 8 years younger than her ( poor guy, didn't realise what he was in for). When she noticed that he would just sit around and read the newspaper every morning while she was "toiling" away in the kitchen, she simply stopped buying the daily !!! At least most of us don't go to this length to ensure our spouse's work life balance :-)

  14. @Lakshmi - Oh wow - poor guy indeed.


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