Sunday, 20 December 2009

The low point

This week has been the low point in my infancy in the blogging world. A combination of traveling, ridiculous working hours and the difficulty of actually getting access to the internet when traveling overseas without paying up a complete fortune, has made this a barren week. No posts at all and unforgivable delays in responding to comments. Sorry.

There are, of course, periods in business life, which are like this. Low points. Much more serious than a blogging setback. When nothing seems to be going right. When self doubts creep in. When your boss rubs it in, instead of being supportive. Hence a post which might help in a small way, if you face such a situation.

Firstly , everybody goes through this, many times in a career. Even Jack Welch. Steve Jobs was once sacked from Apple ! The more successful guys have perhaps gone through it more often. So, if its of any comfort, we are in elite company.

Secondly, its only a job. This is often the most difficult of concepts to digest. ITS ONLY A JOB. Its not our life. The vast majority of us consider that it IS our life. Sure, we must give it our very best, We must give it our heads and perhaps our hearts, but never our soul.

Thirdly, it won’t look so bad tomorrow. It has often amazed me that what looks like a low point today, doesn’t seem all that low tomorrow. Our perspectives often react in an extreme to a given situation. Tomorrow is another day.

Fourthly, the sun will still rise in the east. Nothing is ever THAT important. In a few months, if not a few weeks, it will all be forgotten. Think back to the last time that it didn’t seem to be going so well in the office. Did it matter ? Of course it didn’t.

Fifthly, its not worth getting furious at the boss. He’s going through the same cocktail of emotions too. OK, he’s a bum. But is it worth expending all that energy on a bum ? He’ll go away tomorrow. There’ll be a new bloke to deal with.

If this sounds all cliché ridden, it is. File this away in a far corner of the mind. And on the low days, maybe, just maybe, it might help, just a teeny weeny bit.

I’ll leave you with a song that bears no relation to the post other than that it features the word low. Its wildly evocative of a lovely lovely land. Here it is …….


Anonymous said...

And we were all thinking you are happily preoccupied with work! The boss must really be a bum to snub the gentleman!! Low points - at work or any point in life brings down our spirits, needless to say (but saying it anyways :D :D :D )Your points of reasoning it out so wisely comes at an apt time for me as well, because I too had a low point this week. Thanks so much for the clarity of thought. And for the beautiful song too - I just loved this one especially the usage of old English words!! Wishing you a very very very Merry X'mas and a happy happy happy New Year!!

A journey called Life said...

I loved the song and the positive note of ur positive note of ur post, despite the way the week treated u.. i hope the coming days and year bring u stress free days.. take care..

savitha said...

That was a rocking comeback after a week long stay away!

Thanks so much for the much needed tonic. As you've mentioned, the heaviness of the lowness is ONLY in our perspective.

Wish the year ahead shows the flip side of all the low times we had this year!! Best Wishes, Ramesh!!

PS: We really missed your posts this week!!

Sandhya Sriram said...

I had promised myself that i will not touch my pc during this week but can’t afford missing the Sunday post and am happy that i did so ---- missing a post like this is a miss of a lifetime!!!

My father always taught me to treat work as equal to God. In a world of equals, while talent takes one some distance, what sees one thru the journey is the passion. I have always believed that "it is never only a job".

But then at a really low point, when heart starts drowning, it is required to come out of it dispassionately. Like the rainbow which refreshingly shows up in a cloudy moment, this note gives that sense of reassurance, and energizes one to go on.

This is indeed a great piece of motivation. Another master-piece by my amazing inspiration.

VA said...

Well... this was worth for a good sunday post! The way you started this post makes me bow to your simplicity. Appreciate the relevance of your thoughts and thanks for reminding the medicines needed to confront increasingly work-pressure. Your suggestions resounded very well on philosophical, practical and social grounds all at the same time.

Amidst this demanding schedule, wish you and everybody here a merry christmas and warm welcome to 2010. Cheers!

PS: I liked the music from Runrig.

J said...

Wise words, simply put. They've been filed away for low days :)

Durga said...

Thanks you for those words of wisdom! This is precisely how I'm feeling, not just today but ofr the past few weeks at office. Hopefully, your words will push me out of this meloncholy and get me back running in full spirit.

Ramesh said...

@thoughtful train - Oh thanks. I am fine with the work - the low point was in the blogging ! Hope this week is a roaring one for you. Very very happy Christmas and New Year to you too .

@AJCL - Thanks. Lovely days and year ahead for you too.

@Savitha - Thanks for the sweet words. Wishing you a great year ahead too.

@Sandhya - I am completely flattered and bowled over. You are on your holiday and you came to my blog ?? I am completely honoured. Speeechless !!

@VA - Thanks. Very best wishes to you too.

@J - Hope the low days never come :)

@Durga - No way you can feel that way !! The sun is shining where you are ; so here's a cheer and wishing a wonderful new year for you.

Deepa said...

This one is a 'poster' post! It was like a stylish signature, and the song in the end was the underline and dot! :)

Ramesh said...

@Deepa - Hey thanks so much.

LG said...

sorry for not reading this a week ago as I was in vacation as where internet is far reachable. This is what I need at this juncture - exactly am going thru but grumbling myself. Just now (after reading) engraved this - IT IS ONLY A JOB - right at the center in mind.

I already mentioned that you are one of my "gurus" in day-to-day life, and now came to know that EVEN you are undergoing this kind of situation, (compared to you) I am really really nothing in front of you - Smaller than a peanut.

Thanks a million for the thoughts & again keep me start going. Hope things will change soooooooooooon. God Bless!

Ramesh said...

@LG - Cheer up. You are too young to be low !!! Hope the new year brings all the joy and reward to you.

Thanks for the very kind words. You are a star in your own right.

My post was more on the low point in blogging rather than my work. But for sure, I've had my shares of lows in work too.

Best wishes for much success ahead.

gils said...

so thts u at the other end of the boat is it :D thot u looked familiar...bum or buttocks..i dnt forgive him for screwing up with my rating..let the "sun rise" else or "two leaves" comes to power in TN...dnt give a damn till i make him eat his words :)

Ramesh said...

@gils - I'm scratching my head. Konchum simple tamizhla sollunga thalaivare !

gils said...

/ I'm scratching my head. Konchum simple tamizhla sollunga thalaivare !//

wooohooo.. :D i made u type in tamil..i think 2009 is done for me :D

gils said...

u had mentioned abt sun rising in east rite..atha thaan rising sun (dmk) and rettai ilai (admk) kooda gamber panni sonen :D oru mokka poata..athuku badil kostinlaam ketu..badil mokkailaam podapdaathu

Ramesh said...

@gils - naan tubelight thalaivare. Unga mathiri ivvalavu imagination iruntha, engeyo irrupene ....

first class commentu.

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