Sunday, 7 February 2010

From rookie to sophomore

Exactly a year ago a “young” man, I know, made his first blog post – not knowing where it will lead him to, but start, he did. He was, and is, an oddity – in a media which is inhabited by young people, for he is, let us say, skewing the age profile. Today he sheds the rookie tag and becomes a sophomore.

But why blog ? Some do it because its the “in” thing to do. Some do because they have an opinion and want to express it. Some do because they love to write. Some do because they want to connect up with other people. A little of each of this was behind his attempt to write. But it was also for him, a way to read more – for to write, you have to read.

How has a full year of blogging been, I asked ? A wonderful experience, he says. For he has met some incredible people, who he has never seen in real life , but have become close friends. If you had asked him sometime ago as to whether this was possible, he would have looked at you as if you are a little weird – why would you want to trawl the virtual world for friends when you can make them in the real world. But then, he doesn’t say such things these days.

A big bonus , he says, was connecting up with some friends who he had lost touch for quite a while. The online medium does this to people – you can stumble upon long lost friends. And make deeper friendships with people you were only occasionally in touch.

How popular is his blog ?, I asked. He says, he really does not know. Yeah, he does look at the stats once in a while, but he says, like every other blogger, what is most heartening is when he receives a comment. Somebody has taken the trouble to read and then write a comment. No amount of thanks and appreciation, he says, will be adequate for those who comment.

Has he had any regrets ? , I asked. Yes, he says. He is a trifle saddened by bloggers he loved to read and followed, but who sort of dropped off. This is, alas, all too frequent. He is particularly saddened that this blogger, this blogger, and this blogger have gone cold. But he was beside himself with joy when this blogger who toyed with dropping out, came back. Especially since she even remembered that his blog was getting to be a year old and wished him well. He understands that it is tough to remain a blogger and blog actively – its clearly not for everybody. When it stops becoming fun and starts to become a chore, you know its time to get out. But still, every time a nice blogger opts out, it’s a sad moment.

What are you going to do on your birthday as a blogger ?, I asked. He says he gets the best treat he could hope for. He’s going to meet two of his most favourite blogging friends, who he has never met before. Now, how wonderful can that be.

He’s a fairly decent bloke. If you wish to read his blog, you can do so here.

PS – He got a delightful surprise – One of his favourite bloggers whose disappearance, he moaned about, came back here, much to his unbridled delight.

PPS – This blog takes a rest from blah blah on business on Sundays. Has something non businessy instead. The ponderings on job creation will continue next week !


A journey called Life said...

246 posts- each one a gem in its own right, breaking down business so dummies like me can even begin to understand the nuances..the really talented ppl who write in and foster discussions in the 'comment section'(J, Kiwibloke Sandhya- to name a few), there is always some new learning from every post.. not many people can pull this off on a consistent basis like you have. A very happy blog birthday and hope to see you write more and more..

gils said...

hiiii..neenga ipdilam kooda post poduvengala!!! sooooper :) aapy blog birthday :D

RamMmm said...

Happy bloganniversary. And you have been doing almost 4+ posts on an average a week. Keep it going. Blog blues may come and go and is usually fleeting or sometimes longer.

I also have noticed that quite a few blogs whom I track either slow down or trundle to a halt. Hopefully things brighten up.

Ravi Rajagopalan said...

Dear Ramesh, I salute you on an extremely well-written and most important, well thought through blog. It has become a pleasure to look for new posts every day and read them with interest. You have an interesing, humanist point of view. It deserves a wider audience. Great going.

Exkalibur666 said...

Reading your posts have been as thought proviking and insightful as they have been fun. Just hope that we have the good fortune of reading many many more of your posts.

Ramesh said...

@AJCL - Oh; thanks so much

@gils - what to do; have to blah blah on something !

@Dada - Flattered. Thanks so much

@RamMmm- Thanks. I really hadn't realised that I had blah blahed so much !

@Exkalibur - Very kind. Thanks

Vishal said...

I "wish"ed to read this bloke's blog sometime 3 months back while getting ready for a vacation and trust me, it has been an awakening journey since then. You bring so much on plate that the hunger to "read and appreciate" is never satiated. Each one of your post is distinctive and deserves a round of applause. And lots of sweet wishes too! Long live, Business Musings!

Here is a dedication to your efforts -

kiwibloke said...

Time flies, did'nt realize you've been blogging for a year... Wishing you a lot more happier times on the net. May you meet a million netizens and make a million more friends (statistical impossibility but still no harm wishing!)

RS said...

With your warmth and modesty/humility, No wonder you earn so many friends Ramesh!! Wishing the Business musings wider readership(howmuchsoever wider it can get)!! It was wonderful to have to learn business/polity/issues of significance from the 'young man', who changed my persective of business and got me hooked to something I'd closed myself to....Even wonderfullest (pardon the vocab) having met you this evening!! A BIG THANK YOU!!!

PS:Vishal, that was a lovely card. I could see how you meant it as you mentioned "You are an inspiration"

Sandhya Sriram said...

Blessed is this day when he choose to write

Blessed are we who relish this light

To some he is a writer, to some he is a friend

To me he is a mentor, a living legend
I choose not to praise as the humble him will prefer it unsaid

So I kneel down today and make a selfish prayer instead

May god keep this great writing going infinite years more

May god keep us lucky to be a part of this divine pour.

While I cannot thank him enough for brightening up our day

I wish this great man, warmth and happiness in every moment that comes his way.

Happy anniversary Ramesh

Deepa said...

Happy blog-birthday Ramesh!

Personally it has been very rewarding to read your blogs. You may have started writing to read more, but because of your blogs, so did I. Not that I never did, but somewhere with work and things, it just took a backseat. Can never thank you enough.

About this elite club of your followers and their blogs. Every comment on your blog, brings in a different point of view. By the end of it, you have had a well rounded discussion on any topic under the sun. These kind of discussions never happened after my college-katta days.

Enjoy you party! If your blind dates are expecting a salt-pepper, bulging bellied, old man (of course for a man with so much wisdom in his blog they just might rightfully presume), I am waiting for their blogs about the shock of their lives. Well you apostrophed the word "young" didn't you!

zeno said...

Looking forward for your Silver Jubilee Post :):)

Sabareesan said...

Ramesh, Happy anniversay and looking forward for a lot more.

Durga said...

Happy Blog Anniversary! Bloggers don't drop off so easily, especially when the topics written about are so interesting. Just that there are times when one doesn't get to post a comment as often as they used to for myriad silly reasons. Don't let that sadden you. Keep those blogs coming in...!!!

An Indian in China said...

Congratulations on your completing a fantastic year of prolific blogging. I have never missed even a single one of your blogs and have revisited some of them many times later for they are full of wisdom and knowledge that educates and inspires everytime I read them.

Looking forward to more on "Business Musings" and wish you great blogging times going forward too.

Wishing you a very wonderful Chinese New Year of the Tiger in advance. Shin nian kuai lei. Kung Hei Fat Choi.

Saket said...

Super...and congratulations. I have read each and every blog of your's and simply love and adore them. Let me also apologize by mentioning that I am one of the silent one's (the one who does not comment) but will try and be more active in the future.

Keep blogging, keep inspiring and educating us.


Srivats said...

Looks like i m late to the party, :) I am so glad u choose to blog for all the above said reason, and also for a very selfish reason that I have met and happen to be ur friend through this. I dont have any special words to say to u on this day, except I bless the moment taht brought u to blogging, I pray for those hands that writes everyday, to be healthy.
My heart felt wishes on your blog anniversary, please continue to blog and all the very best

p.s: missed you on the blog meet that I didnot attend :)

J said...

Congratulations on one year of blogging! Your posts are always well considered and makes an interesting read and I love your ability to get a discussion going. It has been great to reconnect after so many years because of your blog. All the best for many more years of blogging fun.

Adesh Sidhu said...

Nearly 250 posts and still this speed you will soon be a grand daddy of blogging :-)

Glad to have a blogger friend like you.

Ramesh said...

@Vishal - Awwwww. You're so so kind. Thanks a million

@kiwi - Yeah time does fly. A million friends ? Wow !! Thanks

@RS - Oh thanks. It was my pleasure entirely on Sunday

@Sandhya - Aww. What do I say to you ?? You flatter me every post. Thanks so much - I am totally bowled over by your verse.

@Deepa - Oh thanks so much. And yes - the blind dates did see a pot bellied obese 70 yearold !!

@Zeno - Oh silver jubilee is a long long way away !! Thanks

@Sabareesan - Thanks very much

Ramesh said...

@Durga - Hey thanks

@Vinod - Much appreciate it. You were my commenter no 1, so very special !! xin nian kuai le

@Saket - Hey thanks for your comment. I know you read, but much appreciate your taking the time to pen the comment.

@Sri - Eyes mist over at the kindness of your comment. Yes; we missed you, but had a wonderful time

@J - One of the biggest joys of blogging has been to reconnect with you. Thanks so much for all your comments.

@Adesh - I am already a grand dad figuratively !!! Thanks for being a friend all through

Deepa said...

Don't tell me you went in a disguise! :)

Viji said...

Ramesh - Time indeed flies. I really look forward to your musings every day - though rarely comment - simply enjoy your train of thoughts and mull over them.
Happy blogging anniversary and wish you many more such years. we look forward to the 500 mark this year.

CMK said...

Good to know the blog is a year old. Wishing many more such happy birthdays!!!

All your blogs are of uniformly excellent quality. One may agree with the view expressed in the blogs or may not but everyone will agree about the sincerity behind them and the depth and width of the knowledge.

My best wishes that one day one of those top editors or publishers realise that this is very good writing and get to publish these posts as a book or commission you to write a book. Maybe that could be your true calling!

le embrouille blogueur said...

Ramesh ... Congratulations on the ONE. I thought I sent you the comment but not sure if it made it. I am glad that I am privileged to know a great blogger like you through your posts.Keep the good stuff coming.

Ramesh said...

@ Deepa :)

@CMK - Thanks very much. Oh no; my ramblings will never be interesting enough for a book !!

@Viji - Thanks so much. I am honoured

@blogueur - Thanks for your comment - yes I did receive your mail, but have been on the road and not so well connected. Thanks for the kindness.

Reflections said...

Oh my goodness I wd have never guessed who the blogger was if u hadnt told me;-D

Happy, happy anniversary and congratulation on successfully completing a year with more than 250 posts...WOW, really.

Like LEB says its a privilege to know a Great Blogger like u!!!!

I'm sorry I know I dont visit very often but I find almost* all ur posts very thought-provoking and sundays post are a class apart.

And like Saket says "Keep blogging, keep inspiring and educating us." Thank U:-))!!!!!

*well some of the posts abt stock-markets & such like....I go cross-eyed trying to understand them;-D

Vishal said...

@RS - Thanks! Yeah, I mean it and that is unanimously true.

Preeti Shenoy said...

Good wishes to the new sophomore on the block :)

May his posts multiply.

May he connect with many

and may he realise his wish of having 10,000 followers.

Ramesh said...

@Reflections - Thanks N. Very kind of you to say such nice words. I am touched.

@Preeti - Thanks. Coming from a master blogger, those are very special words indeed.

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