Sunday, 9 May 2010

To "cool" or "not to cool"

I am confused. You may be forgiven for the retort of “what’s new? ” but tell me, should I aspire to be “cool” ? Or “warm”. Or else “hot” ; Or what ?

Over the last few weeks, I was given to understand that I wasn’t “cool”. It all started with a stupid question I asked – Who is Tamannaah ? Then I compounded the problem by asking a series of questions – Who is Asin ? Who is Vijay ? And so on … I was made to realise that I was not cool.

So to be cool, I thought I should read up on the said ladies and gentlemen. I was told that, with diligent study, I could even aspire to be “uber cool”. But then I was made to realise that at work, I was not supposed to be “cool”. Apparently a “cool” guy is one who is losing deal after deal. So you should at least be “warm”. Preferably “hot”. Like on a hot streak – winning deal after deal. At the same time you could also be “cold” actually ice cold – I believe you are good if you can remain "ice cold", while you are "hot". Doesn’t the laws of science make it just a wee bit difficult to be hot and ice cold at the same time ? Methinks I will be sued if I were to characterize one of our sales managers, a lovely lady, as “hot”.

I turned for help to my colleagues at the office. Everybody is a little (er; actually a lot) younger than I am. Since they are all Chinese, and since everybody who works here is a gorgeous, slim girl, I thought I would get to unlock the mystery of being cool or not. I even read up on the Chinese equivalent of T and A – Zhang Ziyi, Li Bingbing and so on. So, at dinner yesterday, we got around to talking of favourite actresses. I enthusiastically piled in on the charms of the said Ms Zhang. There was an embarrassed silence and the others swiftly went on to say their favourites were the likes of Gong Li ( a little bit like saying your favourite was Hema Malini) . Apparently the cool thing was to be “uncool”. Wow !

At yet another revealing conversation, I was told that the holy grail was not to be “cool” or “hot”, but to be a “dude”. I turned for help to an angel, who, chronology wise, is still in single digits. I told her that I was becoming familiar with T, A, Z and L in my attempts at being a “dude”. She looked at me as if I had completely lost it. Then in the tone that nine year olds reserve for elders who don’t really get it, she explained that if you are a girl, you had to be totally “in” to Victoria Justice, Selena Gomez and Miranda Cosgrove. But if you were a boy, you could try Zac Efron, but to be a "dude" you had to be pally about Harry Anderson. He's apparently so new that he doesn't have a Wiki page as yet.

I was looking lost and confused. Cool or uncool ? Warm or Hot ? Ice Cold or Dude ? Life seems to be very complicated.

I said so to the young lady. She said, not to worry. I was “OK” !!


RamMmm said...

Kool, man, kewl. :-) Your knowledge of the non-business world is increasing by the hour, due to a viral trigger called Tamannah and which has mutated to A, V etc etc. :-)

Hot and Cool (or uber cool, not cold/ice-cold) at the same time is possible in teen-world using the teen laws of Physics that allow multi-dimensional characteristics on the same object. Cold is another dimension to the same object which is undesirable. :) And the dude dimension. Uh Oh! too many to figure out. I'd rather be the useless guy than hop through loops to get any of these 'designations'. :)

I (or for that matter Zeno or Gils, the eternal teenagers) have never heard of those names you mention except Zac Efron (that too because of the movie, High School Musical and maybe because of Vanessa Hudgens, his co-star in HSM with whom he walked to the Oscars last year) And these names coming from a 9 year old. Mmmm... Where is the world getting to? :-0

The group that loves Gong Li would be cold nostalgic ice-maidenesque oldies in the eyes of the current happening gen. :) :) They'll ask, Gong Li, who? just like the current gen here asks, Hema Malini, who? or Sridevi, who?

zeno said...

I second that and would say you are OK.

Once someone has told me there are no stupid questions, but only stupid answers!

Well, Knowing A or T or Z doesnt serves any practical purpose. So why bother? [I am not aware of any stars you have mentioned in the last para. :(]

for people who are interested in business reading, you are cool, uber-cool, you are the man, you are the dude! You definitely rock.

@rammm We are definitely aware of Hema malini and Sridevi, even helen zeenat aman ;)

gils said...

thala..unga kaalathu kanavu kannigalana TR Rajakumari..MN Rajam..Banumathi..ivangala pathilaam yarum pesa u r feeling left out...nenga review post start panunga.. From "shantha sakkubai" to "Sarangadhara"...a journey called rife (AJCR) apdinu oru blog start panunga...pattaya kelapunga...aprum parunga...yaru coldu yaru haatu nu :D

Sandhya Sriram said...

this blog takes me back into the days when i joined the organization....

The gang had some Hep MBAs from IIMs, Some HI-FI engineers from IITs and some happening CAs as well. and me... never even stepped into college, never known anything beyond my books, landed in an off the regular batch... used to go to office with Malli Poo and Ashes on forehead and felt kinda lost...and branded "UnCool"

i continue to be lost though i have grown beyond that!! It dosent matter anymore (cha cha Inda pazham pulippu types)

can really connect to this one.

hey b.t.w you are both cool and warm.... a very unique combo - impossible to find.... lucky to know you!!

Ramesh said...

@RamMmm - Ha Ha, I missed a trick should have titled the post kewl !!

The Gong Li fans were "hot" twenty somethings. Not ice cold at all !!

@Zeno - Ha Ha ; At last I get to teach zeno something. If you want to look uber cool to zeno jr, in the future you better read all those names up. Add Miley Cyrus to the list :)

@gils - Oye gilsu. Thatha kalathu azhagikal peru eppadi therunjuthu ??

@Sandhya - I hereby declare that malli poo clad ilaingyargal are super uber cool (AJCL, Athivas, Deepa, J, et al pl note) For Deepa's benefit, malli poo is jasmine.

Satish said...

OK is cool too!

Deepa said...

@Sandhya- "Happening CAs"??? Its like saying "a genius blonde". (any blonde who reads this blog, U R an exception).

Actually Ramesh, let me tell you another side of the story. Back in my articleship days, I used to go to college and then go to office. And understandably college attire and office attire just don't go together. If you tried pleasing the office folks, you would be a laughing stock in college, and if you wore college attire to a CA's office, people will give you those here-comes-the-punk looks!

In my first year, I used to attend college more, so I stuck to uber cool dressing. And till the time I didn't do something intelligent, people treated me like a punk-kid (hate to admit, but a dumb bimbette too). Later on when office went on full throttle, I just stopped going to college! 'coz in office they atleast didn't say anything on your face, but in college friends are not so kind.

So you cannot have an uncontested claim on this 'hot & cold' dilemma! And trust me if a kid calls you 'OK', you should be waving out to the crowd amidst the confetti. My two years younger bro calls me 'Aunty'.
But your ignorance about movie stars is absolutely unforgivable. Like my 6 years old cousin told her grandpa after he was unable to identify Preity Zinta, "Ajoba! Your Mom didn't teach you anything."

RamMmm said...

A Shakespearesque 'aside' ...

Hot, Cool, Cold or Dude
It all depends on the eyes of the beholder
And the group with which you peer

It was fun reading Sandhya and Deepa's comments.

@zeno-yep yep. You are an older generation, and mine, a dinosaur era. The current gen is one who is an early teen or less. :-)

@Ramesh-For the Gong Li fans, see the same comment to zeno above.

Vishal said...

Of all the visitors from current generation lot, I think I am most uncool as I never heard of any names as mentioned by you. This means not knowing T, A or V or (H for that matter) should not deter one from crowning you as "super cool/ice-cold/hot/dude.

On a second thought, I must not be called "cool" perhaps. Wonder if science would allow one to be "not cool" and "not hot" at the same time for someone like me?

@ Deepa - Happening CAs... too much to ask indeed! ;-)

Vishal said...

Of all the visitors from current generation lot, I think I am most uncool as I never heard of any names as mentioned by you. This means not knowing T, A or V or (H for that matter) should not deter one from crowning you as "super cool/ice-cold/hot/dude.

On a second thought, I must not be called "cool" perhaps. Wonder if science would allow one to be "not cool" and "not hot" at the same time for someone like me?

@ Deepa - Happening CAs... too much to ask indeed! ;-)

zeno said...

@Ramesh, I already get to learn a lot from your blog :) Also something tells me, in the times of Zeno Jr, Miley cirus would be what Gong Li is today!
யானை இளைச்சா நல்லா இருக்காது. குதிரை குண்டானாலும் நல்லா இருக்காது. நாம நாமளா இருப்போம்!

@Ram, Yeah so true, my next door neighbor kids call me Uncle! :(

In general, i so hate judging a book by its cover! too bad judging one by the looks or the dressing style.

Ramesh said...

@Satish - That's superb. I think so too !

@Deepa - Many blondes here; at least the dyed blonde variety !! I thought you were very cool in college attire when you worked too :) :) I am tempted to ask who's Preity Zinta, but I shall keep my mouth shut !!

@RamMmm - No way you are a dinosaur. You are cool dude :)

@Vishal - You don't know some names because they are all Tamil actresses and why should any non Tamilian know about them. Consider the equivalent sirens in Bhojpuri movies.

@zeno - Totally true about Miley Cyrus when Zeno jr comes. The expert on Miranda Cosgrove et al already says Vanessa Hudgens is passe :)

Durga said...

Honestly Ramesh, just do away with the Nooyis and the Merkels, and the Welchs and the Buffets... You know them too well. It's time you acquaint yourself with the Zintas and the Asins and the Tammannahs... We'd be willing to read more about them from your viewpoint! ;-)

Ramesh said...

@Durga - The problem is that these ladies seem as exotic and difficult to understand as the Chinese language !!

Srivats said...

:) hahah ROFTL - I hope u are cool with the expansion of it :)

Ramesh said...

@Sri :)

Half Indian said...

Haha... you made me laugh again!.
But I am a Gong Li's Fan.
Your Chinese is perfect.

Karthik Lollu said...

Nalla vela.. Who is Vijaynnu inga vandu keakala.. Aprom chinala enna paarthu yaarunnu ketta moda aal nee thaan nu punch dialog sollirupaaru.. Ungala china la harry Andersonnu koopduvaangala?

Ramesh said...

@Dave's mom - Zhende ma ?? You Gong Li fan ?? She's a superb actress, isn't she ?? wode hanyu zhen bu hao.

@Karthik =- Welcome to this space. Honoured that a movie expert like you, as I judge from your blog, is here.

Reflections said...

Goodness u just put into words stuff the deepest and darkest areas of my mind ponder abt.
I'm sure if there is a competition between the 2 of us I'll win hands down the uncool badge.
I joined Facebook after 98% of the population were in. Even though its been a year I still dont knw wht to do there. I loiter around for a few minutes, comment inanely on some vague stuff & feel terribly guilty when I peek at peoples pictures.
I am not registered on Twitter.....and till recently I didnt knw what MIA meant.

I have no clue what people mean by the 'go figure which they add at the end of their sentences'
And I didnt recognise any of the names u dropped except for Asin and Hema Malini;-(

Go on admit it, I win hands down, dont I;-D???

Ramesh said...

@Reflections - No way. You are no competition to me in the uncool stakes.Actually you are a very cool one - who says rubbish like Facebook have anything to do with cool. You are one cool suave swell gal :)

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