Sunday, 26 December 2010

Yuletide Cheer

Its that time of the year, when there is a nip in the air (or a vigorous bite if you happen to live in cold lands). The world is seeming an altogether nice place. Half the world's humanity is on holiday. Warm greetings and best wishes are flying around. Most of us are prepared to put the ills of the world behind us and, for a few days at least, look forward with hope and happiness to celebrate all that's good in this world. As indeed, it should be.

For those in the northern hemisphere, its deep winter. Both in Europe and in the United States, they are facing an especially cold start to winter. Many will have a white Christmas, even in places where snow is unusual. Its cold and blustery outside. Perhaps frigid. But inside, the family has got together. The fireplace is exuding warmth. There's food on the table. There's a drink to warm the insides. There's a feeling of joy and togetherness. The spirit of Christmas.

And there's the coming New Year. Millions more, who are not Christians, will join in ushering out the old and welcoming in the new year. A time to look forward with hope for better times to come. For most of us, the year past might have been a mixed one. Some joys, some sorrows, some victories, some disappointments. Although it might appear that the bad was more than the good, nature actually deals us a reasonably even hand. Its time to forget the not so good times, and cheer for that which is to come.

Its also the season for resolutions. Make them, many do, for the New Year. Most break them soon enough. But in the season of hope, its entirely appropriate that we try to aspire for something that we would like to be. For its only hope and cheer that can see us through the winter.

For some, hope would be a difficult emotion to drum up. Perhaps homeless, shivering in the cold. Perhaps nature dealt them a bad hand. But even then, I hope, and pray, that the cheer in the air will ease some of the pain and make it a little more sunny for them.

As you would have gathered, this isn't a post with a theme or a message or an opinion. Its just a revel in the mood that I can feel. And therefore an incoherent ramble. By Indian standards, which might laughable elsewhere, there is a nip in the air. Not all is well with the world, but there is the feeling of cheer and hope. Its a wonderful feeling. A moment to savour. A time to thank the Lord (or the stars if you prefer it that way), for safely negotiating the year gone by. And a prayer (or an exhortation) to stand by and see us through the year to come.

Pause for a moment. Sniff the air. Imbibe the cheer. Take a deep breath and feel the hope in the lungs. And then, resolutely, march on.

Xin nian kuai le !


  1. That was wonderful Ramesh! I wanted to write something on the similar lines but you have taken it several notches ahead. Your style is super and just adorable :) I could rarely convey the message this strongly. :)

    Yes, there is a nip in the air. Cheer is as high as it was during the year and hopes are even higher. Infact, this was a wonderful year like many earlier years. I can tell that years which did not seem good offered most of the learning. That is the only way as you have said brilliantly.

    // Although it might appear that the bad was more than the good, nature actually deals us a reasonably even hand. Its time to forget the not so good times, and cheer for that which is to come//

    I loved it... many many good wishes for a great health and prosperity, to you and everyone on this space... May this blog shine more and more and more... you make it special.

  2. Anonymous26/12/10

    :) semma post thalai..advance wishes for a happy new year :)

  3. hey, my post on which i was half way through was also on similar lines. now i will junk it. this is much much better.

    but then, having written it, i take the liberty to put some parts of it here

    last weekend was my grandmom's ceremony in a place meant for doing all this in chennai. i was there, i saw so many families there who had come to bid farewell to the gone lives... lot of sorrow in the enviroment, felt lil low, but then.. looking beyond my own state of mind, i could see - a young mother, kissing her little one. there was tears in her eyes for the member who was no more, but there was love and hope for her little one in the same eyes at the same time. then, i met my pregnant cousin. there was so much hope in her eyes for her unborn.

    and it is the same, when a year goes. there are lot of things which could have happened during the year which one would wish hadnt happened, but one always looks forward to the next one, with enthusiasm, with hope and with love.

    Happy New day, Happy new season, Happy new time, Happy new life.

    Advance Happy New Year

  4. @Vishal - Thanks very much Vishal for your very kind words. Delighted to hear that this had been a good year for you - the next one will be even better.

    @Gils - Thanks Gils. Waiting for the post on your blog.

    @Sandhya - Please please please write the post you had started to write. On matters prosaic and businesslike, perhaps I can claim to have a modicum of talent, but on everything else, I can't hold a patch to your writing. Few can move people in just a few words as you can. Hugely awaiting your post. If I didn't know the amount of juggling of home and work that you do, I would be pestering you to write a post daily.Please ....

  5. Very well put Ramesh. I can feel the nip in the air! It feels so good just to be part of the sense of cheer and hope!

  6. Wish you a merry merry Christmas and a great year ahead. You're right, festivals and New Year turn on the festive lights in my head. Although its not so noisy and boisterous here but nevertheless, its the time to count our blessings, celebrate achievements, laugh off the goof-ups and gear up for the next project!

  7. Seasons greetings you and your family Ramesh. May God bless you with Good health and lots of love.

  8. @Striver - Indeed H. Its lovely to be part of the same cheer and hope !

    @Deepa - Can almost picture you making a snowman or chucking snowballs at an unwary passerby !!! Only kidding :)

    @KC - Thank you and to you too.

  9. Seasons Greetings and Best Wishes Ramesh for a great year ahead.
    Wonderful post which captures the mood. A bit of melancholy, bit of nostalgia, and of course loads of hope ... you have captured the mood as only you can.

  10. Exkalibur66628/12/10

    Wish you and your loved ones a very happy new Ramesh..

  11. @Viji - Thanks and much more of the same to you; especially as you move to the new place.

    @Exkalibur - And to you too. Very best wishes.

  12. Happy New Year Ramesh and all the best with those resolutions

  13. A very lovely post and warm wishes on this new year.

  14. @J - Thanks. Best wishes to you too. Not much hope in the durability of resolutions, but ....

    @ambulisamma - Thanks and very best wishes to you too

  15. Wishing you a wonderful 2011 too sire and something to rememember.

    All the nip in the air made me a tad sick and hence the late landing, but nevertheless. :-)

  16. @RamMmm - Trust you are back to your full chirpy self. Very best wishes.

  17. Wish that all your aspirations come true this year. Happy retired life or should I say semi-retired life....

    Take Care Sanjay

  18. @Sanjay - Thanks and best wishes to you too. Semi retired and wanting to fully retire .....


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