Sunday, 11 September 2011

With heads bowed

Today is a day for reflection and remembrance. Anything else would be inappropriate.

Recommend browsing through today's special report in The New York Times titled The Reckoning.

Perhaps the epitaph found on the graves of many who fell in the First World War might be equally befitting.

"Their names live forever more".


Deepa said...

The one thing that will stand out about this country is that these people have still have hearts that remember and pay homage to those who lost their lives in that tragedy. In the rest of the world, the struggles for everyday living and that too lone battles have killed human sentiments.

I guess Mumbai has seen tragedies far bigger and that too periodically. But after every tragedy, the city (rather the media), takes pride in the fact that the city stands on its feet the very next day as if nothing has happened. Personally, I think there is a lot to worry about this nonchalance, instead of feeling proud.

My respect to this country which has upheld the true meaning of 'freedom', which in turn has preserved the human qualities of its citizens.

J said...

Totally agree with Deepa. I used to live in NYC then and it was so amazing how otherwise brusque New Yorkers revealed their sensitive and human side. It was such a shared intensely emotional experience.

Anonymous said...

A double salute to all those beloved ones,
Who were wiped out like the heroic icons;
Those moments must have been so agonizing,
And any word uttered now would make it only patronizing;
God bless.

Ramesh said...

@Deepa - Yes they do. Fine aspect of the culture

@J - Indeed.

@hema - Amen

TheMillionMiler said...

The events of 9/11 were sad, saddest part being the killing of about 3000 folks like you and I caught in the crossfire of an ideological war perpetarated by bigots on either side. Let us also pause for a moment to remember the historic date of 15/08/1973, marking the date of formal withdrawl of foreign forces from Saigon in which about a million Vietnamese, 300 thousand Cambodians and about 50 thousand Laotians were carpet bombed and napalmed to death by the champions of democracy and freedom. I wonder why our champions of freedom never bothered to set free millions caught in brutal dictatorships in Zimbabwe, parts of Centro-Southern America and Sub Saharan Africa. The answer is apparently a three letter word spelt OIL

Vishal said...

Most shocking event that I have seen in my lifetime. Just hate to see any of those videos.

May all of them rest in peace!

Ramesh said...

@kiwi - Somehow the tragedies of war (Vietnam amongst them) seems to hit us less than the tragedies of terrorism. Perhaps unfairly, but even we have forgotten the 1971 Pak war for example.

@Vishal - Amen

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