Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Ramamritham acquires a new fan

My good friend Sriram, appears to have become a fan of Ramamritham, just like me. Sriram is an excellent blogger of incredible energy ; who else can keep the scorching pace of 2 or 3 quality posts a day.

His post of a few days ago, On the life sucking bureaucracy in India,  makes a very good read. Heartily endorse the post for readers of this blog.

Its a telling comment on our respective energy levels that by the time I have summoned up the effort to cross post, he has already made 3 newer posts despite the fact that he is traveling ! Ah, the advantages of being a younger man !!


sriram khe said...

Thanks for your compliments, and for this cross-post, Ramesh

... my blogging frequency is perhaps simply a reflection of a very lucky coincidence that my vocation and hobby overlap to a great deal ... definitely not age-related :)

gils said...

sriram is latchathil oruvar..ungaloda pala latcham fansla avarum oruvar nu tellinen :D:D

TMM said...

Nice post by Sriram. A couple of days back I saw an article about how difficult it is to establish your identity as an Indian. Here is a link to it.

Ramesh said...

@sriram - All true, and yet there is the irrefutable fact of your blooming youth :)

@gils - No No No; its actually one gils is equal to latcham fans :)

@Kiwi - Very true. Another fascinating piece is the fact that you have to prove that you are alive once a year !

sriram khe said...

(So, TMM is Kiwi?)
That piece about identity was crazy--even the Onion couldn't have come up with that kind of a Kafkaesque tragicomedy routine!
A few Decembers ago, when my parents moved from AnnaNagar to T-Nagar, one of the first things they did was to update their ration card. I asked them what the hurry was, given that they really had no need to get stuff through the government-subsidized store. It was from their explanation that I understood that it served as some kind of an ID card.
But, what I don't get is this: the Aadhaar card is then nothing more than a pretty piece of plastic? Or, are the hassles described in the link a product of the transition?

Venkat said...

@ Sri- In india minimum 3 ID must be produced for any application, because they dont belive in one ID. one can have different ID for different place but some can not have single ID since they dont have address. these some are huge numbers and they dont fall under 1.2 billion statistics data.

TMM said...

Hmm A couple of years ago a TV Channel had a sting operation. They created a fictitious Delhiite called Ashish Gupta, got him a bachelors degree from one of the universities, a ration card, driving license, voter ID, Passport, bank account and a PAN card. All for about 60K INR. Imagine what unsavoury elements and groups can do to infiltrate!

Ramesh said...

@sriram - Yes TMM is kiwi. He was earlier "kiwibloke" and got bored of that and became The Million Mile, which is an accurate description of him since he specialises in taking round the world flights.

@Venkat - Unfortunately so true,.

@kiwi- That's true as well. Ramamritham is only concerned about paper; not the authenticity of that paper.

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