Sunday, 12 January 2014

Let's go to Vegas

Next January, I am thinking of going to Las Vegas. No; not for the showgirls, but to go to the Consumer Electronics Show - the annual jamboree of the tech industry. This has been a feature for a number of years, showcasing all the new technologies that companies are working on, or the new products about to be launched. I have little interest in all this new technology (seriously, we can do with a little less technology), but I would love to ogle at the weird and wacko stuff that these geeks think of. Take a sampling of some of the crazy stuff that was displayed at the just concluded 2014 event.

Let's start with the Kolibree toothbrush that is blue tooth enabled ! Apparently it has accelerometers and gyroscopes to accurately analyse your brushing habit and then relay the results via bluetooth to a smart phone app that will then tell you how to brush your teeth better.

Would you like a Mother ? Its apparently the controller that can sense everything that you do around the house - having coffee, snoring, whatever (I don't want to speculate  any further) and then nag you like a real Mother to improve your habits !

Ladies can opt for the Touchscreen friendly Elektra nails. Apparently lovely ladies who grow their nails have a tough time tapping at smartphones. Enter Elektra nails which can be fitted on and can do the job. Apparently you can colour them in whatever nail polish colour you fancy at that moment.

I also learnt that PointGrab which creates "gesture driven interfaces" , whatever that means,  has developed a new software solution that will enable you to mute your TV by saying Shhhh.

The big thing on the more serious side was the number of TV makers who were displaying curved TVs. I learn from reliable sources that seeing one will answer the question - Why on earth do we need a curved TV. One manufacturer went even better to showcase a flexible TV that can be curved and straightened. I haven't yet found if there is an explanation as to why on earth do we need a flexible TV.

What do you think of the Muse ? Its a brain sensing headband that can "calm your busy brain by seeing and hearing your brain activity". I think I need to buy that at this very instant.

You can opt for a Wifi enabled coffee mug. Not sure what this is for, but one wearable device  - a belt you put around a baby will monitor breathing, etc etc of a baby and  beam all this data to your Wifi enabled coffee mug.

People are obviously extremely keen to monitor their health all the time. Why else would something called Scanadu Scout be shown which can apparently detect 12 different chemical signatures in your pee by sniffing at it.

This blog is not an adults only space and so I will not elaborate on vibrating underpants that can apparently be controlled by a significant other through a smartphone app.

If you are tired by all the walking around to gaze at such wonderful devices, CES offered you free teeth widening (yes, widening and not whitening) for all delegates.

Now, do you see why I am saying Let's go to Vegas. Wanna come with me next January ?


Sriram Khé said...

Buddy, buddy, buddy .... you post this about Las Vegas a couple of days after the King's birthday; yet, you didn't use his song and instead went for Faith Hill's? Tsk, tsk, tsk!!!
Watch this while you do a 108 "thoppukaranams" ;)

We certainly seem to have reached a point where we are inventing gadgets merely for the sake of inventing them and adding to the crap that we collect at home. We certainly could do with a little less technology, it feels like. (I am sure the NSA is already on to how to snoop via these gadgets!)
But then out of such hit and miss come some awesome stuff. In any case, such fascination is any day healthier than creating the next big bomb that can wipe out an entire country in one stroke!

But, seriously, teeth widening? Widening?

Ramesh said...

@sriram - Ouch, pant, groan; I am on the 74th thoppukaranam. Guilty as charged. Will you make me do 108 more if I say I like Faith Hill :)

Yes, definitely better than the next awful bomb or the next improved way of NSA taking over our lives.

Prats said...

I would love to be at the show, It would be like being in the candy store for me.
I know there is no use for a flexible TV but wouldn't it be fun to watch how did they built it.

I have always believed that the inventors should try whatever they can, instead of getting bogged by the public opinion. Inventing, It's more like creativity when you strike something you didn't even thought of.

Ending with the Henry Ford's quote - "If I had asked people they would have asked for faster horses".

Ramesh said...

@Prats - That's a beautiful quote from Henry Ford. Yes innovators should go all over the place so that they can provide materials for posts like this !!

I'm booking your ticket to Vegas - Jan 6 2015 :):)

Sriram Khé said...

Faith Hill? I don't blame you for liking her. As long as you are not a Miley Cyrus fan--then it will be 1,008 thoppukaranams ;)

So, I can expect you two to come to Oregon in Jan 2015? Only a short hope from Vegas ...

Ramesh said...

@Sriram - Freudian slip eh ? "Short hope" indeed :):)

J said...

Looking forward to seeing you in Arizona next January with wider teeth :)

Sandhya Sriram said...

Hey Ramesh, i finally caught on with my new year resolution of getting back to your blogs. i hope someone invents a gadget one day, that helps me stick to my resolution.

the thing is - any invention has to be glamourous. thats why it is happens in vegas i think.

I am just waiting for that smart engineer who would one day create a gadget that can reduce weight by thinking - without having to exercise and a gadget that can enable you eat sweets and chocolates and pizzas(my mouth is already watering now) and not add Calories, then i dont mind a trip to Vegas next january.

Ramesh said...

@J - Why don't you come along ma'am - if not for teeth widening, at least to buy :):)

@Sandhya - Welcome back ! A slightly difficult brief for an inventor :)

J said...

ha ha :) that's a thought. but forget anything that sounds, I can hear the blackjack tables calling my name.

Deepa said...

Imagine buying the ' Mother' in Vegas. That's a stress test for that gadget.

Hmm... so thats your story to the wifey for going to Vegas! Very innovative Ramesh, very innovative!

Ramesh said...

@J - You ?? Blackjack ??? Somehow I can't picture that thought :)

@Deepa - ha ha. Shhhh !

Sanjay Balachandran said...

I can bet Ramesh when u finally go to Vegas, you will find a lot of ur Chinese brethren who would descend upon the show to try and see what they can copy, modify, add few more features and sell at rock bottom prices. Before curved tv and stuff, I have come across mobile tv (watching TV in a mobile) in China. Also people talk about samsung gear watches, China had mobile watches way back in 2010-11

Shachi said...

When I was reading about the big push by Intel into "wearables" I felt the same thing you said - we could use a little less technology. Also, did u read reports about fitbit causing serious burn issues to its owners :)? Not funny to them, but I find it hard to be attached to technology all the time (even though I am a techie).

However, having said that, a visit to CES would be interesting. If you decide to go, let me know, I'll come too :P....we'll play some poker too :)!

Ramesh said...

@Sanjay - Oh yes- very likely. And they may even "release" the new product before the original inventors do !!

@Shachi -Right; join the party. But you are allowed to come only if the Jrs come too :):)

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