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My name is Ramesh and I am from a part of India where many still have only one name, defying the first name, surname convention. I am semi retired after a long corporate innings and now live in Bangalore. Freed from "corporate bondage", I now dabble in helping start-ups, in teaching and in reading and writing. 

I am an unabashed fan of Bill Gates - the post Microsoft Bill Gates, I should qualify. I admire Deng Xiaoping (despite Tiananmen) and am in awe of Mahatma Gandhi.  I think Casablanca was the best movie ever made , so much so that I have stopped watching movies ever since ! Ingrid Bergman is surely the most beautiful woman of all time. I have read all the 56 short stories and four novels involving Sherlock Holmes, perhaps 234 times. I am both an Anglophile and an Americophile. Having lived in China for a while, I am obviously deeply interested in that country. I even have a Chinese name - Lao Ming Zhi !

A sports nut, I have played virtually every sport at sometime or the other, with varying degrees of capability. Currently, I can be found either at the badminton court or the TT table. Willing the Spurs to two peat this year, All Blacks to retain the World Cup, Liverpool to do well (alas, a pipe dream), Saina and Sindhu to beat everybody in 2015 and, of course, Dhoni to lift the Cup on the 29th of March at the MCG.

Travel, my other hobby, waxes and wanes. Having traveled like crazy during my corporate life, I am now taking a break from traveling (ha ha). These days an annual looong drive is what I have taken fancy to. My travel blog is at TravelPod.

This blog is a personal comment on economics and business issues of interest. Obviously it is an opinion; not a reporting of unbiased facts. The opinions are mine alone - they have absolutely no relation to the organisations I am, or have been, associated with. Would love the hear your comments, especially alternate points of view. I might be an argumentative Indian, but I hope a polite one !!


raghavendra kotla said...

Googled/Wikied to look for Ingrid Bergman :-). Happy new year sir, wishing you a great year ahead full of good health and prosperity. Looking forward to read more from you.

Ramesh said...

Ha Ha. What blasphemy - googled Ingrid Bergman ???? :):)

Thanks Kotla. Wishing you a very happy year ahead.

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