Friday, 28 August 2009

Of Leadership styles

I read an interesting and short piece on leadership styles in Tom Peters’ blog – a nice post by Madeleine McGrath. Click here – it’s a lovely little post.

What do you think ? This is classic Theory X and Theory Y. Can one leadership style exist to the exclusion of the other and promote excellence in the long run ? I am firmly in the camp of “yes, only one style really works in the long run”. But this post set me thinking.

What do you say ?


thethoughtfultrain said...

That was really interesting read. I would say the stern taskmaster's exactions would result in great mastery of technique. But when creativity and innovation is what we seek, we should go by the "carrot" approach.

I bet you go by the "carrot" style of leadership, don't you?? :-D Can't picture you as a taskmaster at all!!

kiwibloke said...

Interesting. I believe both co-exist. The taskmaster in terms of setting up the framework of expectations,goals, behaviours and the carrot feeder (Facilitator) in terms of letting people do their best and realize their potential.
Cheers Kiwi

(PS I am beginning to sound like one of those jargon spewing management consultants!)

Srivats said...

I think the key lies in working "with" the people. You may follow routines or not thats secondary, connecting with people and making them feel part of the group, making them feel taht they are too responsible and not just the leader, and they can too make difference. Interesting article it set me thinking! Thanks for sharing it!

A journey called Life said...

in my opinion, there can not be just one way forward (either this or that).. its a combination of both in moderation that works..

Ramesh said...

@thoughtful train - Am I that obvious a softie ?? :)

@kiwi - Welcome to Mckinsey. Brilliant gibberish that !! But, yeah , true.

@srivats - Completely agree. Working WITH people is the key

@AJCL - As usual the perfect comment in a few words. I could have replaced my post with your comment. Thanks very much.

Anonymous said...

I guess the key is adaptability. Understand what is lacking and then supply it.
I guess the new Chorus master figured that what the place lacked was a bit of positivity rather than discipline which they have imbibed in good measure from the old chorus master.


Ramesh said...

Yes, that's a nice way of looking at it.

Ajay said...

I think it has to be a mix of both styles. At least that is what I have seen working in the different sports' teams that I have been a part of and also the ones I have had the chance of leading. Be lavish with praise when it is earned. And to not mince words when corrective action is required too.

Ramesh said...

@Ajay - Yes, sports is often a setting in which these are exhibited more visibly. But Theory Y is often mistaken for being nice and cuddly and not driving enough. I don't think so. You can be nice and cuddly and drive hard!

karim said...

A valuable post on leadership

Karim - Mind Power

Ramesh said...

@Karim - Thanks for visiting and your comment.

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