Sunday, 30 August 2009

You can occsionally recycle a post

Yes, I know, it’s the blogger’s equivalent of kicking the dog. But you aren’t human if you don’t do it once in a bluemoon.

Not so long ago, when my blog had a readership of 1 (myself), I wrote, or I should say more accurately I copied, my first weekender “non businessy” piece. I was reminded of it when reading a very nice post by The Thoughtful Train on Solomon Asch’s experiments on Conformity. I am no psychologist, but this came to mind on reading her post. And I am much flattered by a very kind and large hearted blogger friend A Journey called Life who is egging me on to do “non businessy” stuff.

So please forgive me. It’s a lazy Sunday morning. The moon is blue today. Here’s an old piece titled The Violonist at the Metro.


thethoughtfultrain said...

Look at you charming your readers to accept the repost! We won't mind reposts once in a while and especially on a blue mooned Sunday!

I enjoyed reading this experiment and the phrase "ghar ki murgi, daal barabar" popped into my mind.

Thanks for all the nice words, you make my day everytime you comment on my blog! :-)

Ramesh said...

Ditto your comments. I look forward in every post to reading them. Thanks so much for your thoughtfullness - your name is very apt !

Ajay said...

What an interesting experiment! Can see the connection with Solomon Asch's experiment. As someone has already commented on the violinist post, Bell would have definitely been better appreicated (maybe even recognized and swamped by listeners) had he performed in Paris or Italy or even Poland. Americans are anyways not the brightest, to say the least.

Ramesh said...

@Ajay - Yes there's a local culture angle to it, but I bet the difference may only be of degree. I think it reflects in today's world how less we see, feel, touch, smell ....

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