Wednesday, 21 October 2009

What was he thinking ?

You normally associate business leaders with high intellect, sound judgment, and in general, greater ability than many of us, mere mortals. Then I read this front page report in today's Guardian in the UK.

I had promised to myself that I'd stop writing about either bankers or Goldman Sachs after my last two posts on the subject. But what can you do when somebody makes a speech like that. And where does he chose to make these remarks ? In St Paul's cathedral, no less.

If you know of any greater act of appalling judgement, please let me know.


  1. kiwibloke21/10/09

    I'm speechless. I've been trying to find a paragon of insensitivity and here is one

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Lord Griffith,I know no business. As a general public,one caution:Look at the curses you have earned. This is not good to you, not at this age!!

  4. I have to conclude that he is an idiot. To top it all I am guessing that he was probably feeling righteous that he speaks his mind even if the "truth" is hard to swallow. But then this is more about how he said it.

    I also have serious issues with the basic premise that you will lose talent if you dont pay the astronomical sums. If country after country starts clamping down on egregious bonuses (and they will feel the political pressure if they dont), how far can businesses run. Someone needs to call their bluff.

  5. Everybody has right to defend his position. Probably he could not find right words and could muster only false sentiments to represent his position!!!!

    Nice link.

  6. Thats bullshit to the T! Obviously that man has lost his brains and just furious about some personal issues. Bankers should also learn to tolerate when they hit the bottom.

    But I got to agree, It would be very interesting to see how this story developes in forthcoming days.

    @ AJCL
    "This post has been removed by the author. " haha I wonder what did u post , I also see many comments removed in the news site Ramesh has mentioned LOL

  7. @sri- what a co- relation.. i posted the comment twice on this post, so deleted one.. i was so sickened by the article(link enclosed) that i was too livid to even comment on it

  8. That's downright impertinent & highly insesnsitive of Lord Griffith. It's appalling to think that people at such high (and responsible) positions can make such flippant remarks.

  9. Sandhya Sriram22/10/09

    hey all of you ! Beware!.

    First time in the history of the world, Some one has converted tax payer money into private white money (bonus) without breaking any rule.

    just imagine what he would do to you if he gets to know about the comments you are passing on him :-)

  10. @kiwi - Amen
    @AJCL - Amen
    @ athivas - Just awfully insensitive words
    @ J - Completely agree. The idea that unless you pay astronomical sums, talent would run is pure garbage. Absolutely right that we should call the bluff.
    @Adesh - Very tolerant of you, Adesh. I just don't have your patience to tolerate this

  11. @Sri - Bullshit indeed. BTW, how an anything AJCL says be even remotely unparliamentary. Have you seen kinder words from a blogger.The harshest word she has ever written is abhacharam :-)

    @Durga - Impertinent and insensitive indeed. Welcome bac k !!

    @Sandhya - That's an interesting thought - bonus is a way of converting black into white !
    Fear not ye bloggers - this blog has a readership of 5 and will never ever reach the hallowed portals of that venerable organisation.

  12. Hmmm. any possibility of Lord Griffith coming to Mumbai...

    if he could speak so passionatley to my boss about paying me a bonus of what one of these investment bankers make and I am sure my boss will oblige with the justification given...

  13. @mahesh - ha ha. Great idea.

  14. reaership of 5? (y have u deleted all the zeros that come after 5?)

  15. Ramesh well said hehe, even with chotu she just tries a hard cold stare ( read it as angry look) I had to control my laughter to make sure chotu gets it :)

    AJCL well said, Readership of 5 ? chanceless

    LOL at mahesh comment, and if he do come ask him to come to my manager as well

  16. @AJCL - Oh you are so kind ...

    @Sri - Really ?? Have to see this !

  17. Is this man for real?

    And good Lord he is a LORD:)

  18. @Priya - Peerage is no guarantee of good sense !


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