Sunday, 10 October 2010

There's a tune in the air

Even in the stupefyingly boring world of business, there can be music that can make you catch your breath at times. So it shall be in this blog, which has, thus far, been scrupulously clean of anything tonal , thanks to the acute tone deafness that afflicts this blogger. No, I don't mean the ritualistic annual day in Indian IT companies where 10,000 coders all try and do weird contortions in the name of dancing to music that is broadcast at 10,000 decibels . This post opts for a little more classical touch, for after all one has to act one's age sometimes. Nothing to do with business at all.

If you are not a connoisseur of classical music (the Western variety, that is), Andre Rieu is probably a very good place to start. He's a bit like T20 to the world of Test Match cricket. Still, I shall confess (no doubt to the disgust of one reader of this blog who will, I am sure, elaborate at length in the comments on my folly) that I like to watch and listen to him. He is a classical violonist who performs grandly in large settings with female members of his orchestra in colourful attire and with, shall we say, a certain joie de vivre.

What he does often is to go to a country and perform one of its all time great songs, usually the unofficial national anthem of that country. The setting, the crowd, the mood, the effects never fail to bring a tear and thanks to the wonders of You Tube everybody can enjoy this in the privacy of your home. Even if the music is a bit strange, even if you aren't really interested in anything of this genre, watch these videos - on an autumn's evening, when the sun is low and there's perhaps a touch of rain, I guarantee that you'll be touched.

So, here is a taste of Israel, a whiff of Australia, a sound of Scotland, a hint of Greece , even one from the US and a touch of Brazil . And one which isn't from any country, but is still breathtaking. All courtesy Andre Rieu, and YouTube. So sit back, turn the volume up , and .........

Now, my dear Chinese friends, you know not what you are missing. Alas.


Anonymous said...

oh classical musicna classroomla paadra music ilaya!!! saari the distance :)

Ramesh said...

@gils - Try it Gils; just a bit. Maybe just Hava Nagila - the Israeli folk song.

Preeti Shenoy said...

Ramesh--age had nothing to do with appreciation of classical music :) I loved almost all the pieces. 'touch of bazil' was 'la bamba' (as you probably know). I always play music when I paint and when i do my portraits.
You've given me some lovely links here.
Me likes me likes :)

Preeti Shenoy said...

Please excuse typos in previous comment :)
Was typed while listening to Andre rieu :)

Ramesh said...

@ Preeti - The age appropriate remark was done with tongue firmly in cheek !! Yes, took a little bit of journalistic licence with la bamba.

J said...

Since we are in the T20 realm of western classical, I prefer David Garrett - definitely more watchable ;)

Deepa said...

I am reading this on a Monday morning, and as far as I could go back, this was the only Monday morning I must have been smiling and not just smiling, but pepped up!

I am totally a music lover! Any kind any style, any language! Moreover, live music is a different experience altogether, it gets under your skin. And I am going to refrain from writing any further because I am simply going to ramble on and on, once I start off on this!

Ramesh said...

@J -- Ah well, I always knew you dug young and handsome men :) :)

@Deepa - Wow - that is the sunniest comment ever. Glad you liked the pieces.

Vishal said...

Oh Ramesh! So wonderful to listen to these links. I am completely touched. Incredibly soothing music, just kind of stuck to me... thank you so very much for putting them up here!

Ramesh said...

@Vishal - Glad that you liked it Vishal

Anonymous said...

travelling without lappy. finally managed to get to an internet centre just to catch up with this sunday post and wow what a post. while i could only hear some part of it owing to the slow connection here and waiting to get back and hear the full version, its amazing

what a breadth ramesh,you can write on anything - from angela merkel to andre rieu. i my admiration for you multiples with evey blog of yours!!

you are amazing

Ramesh said...

@Anon - I am blushing deep red ! Thanks for your very kind compliments. Now I am scratching my head as to who left the laptop at home ?????

Sandhya Sriram said...

boo hoo!! now i am feeling jealous of GILS. you always recognize his comments!!

just managed to listen to them properly. beautiful tunes these were indeed. i have heard some shades of these in some tamil songs - i guess we would have been inspired :-)

but very refreshing tunes. its like one of those tunes which you would imagine the movie way - lie down on a couch in front of fire place in a calm lone setting and play a beautiful tune on the background and float into a different world. your selection is amazing.

i guess, i necessarily need to sign my name and so i will do that ;-)

Ramesh said...

@Sandhya - Oh no ; I never associated you with forgetting to take anything - you are far too perfect for that !! Until realised that you are on holiday that is !! Hence the excusable (?) confusion !!!!!! Hope you had a great holiday

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