Sunday, 28 August 2011

How to look ridiculous

This blogger freely admits to being severely sartorially challenged. The words fashion, smartly dressed, even, nice shirt, are outside his lexicon. It is therefore entirely appropriate that a learned treatise on the recently concluded Lakme Fashion Week features as this Sunday post. For those unacquainted with this earth shattering event, it is the premier event in India where impossibly thin human beings (mostly female) walk with a funny walk, looking like having descended from outer space and get ogled at by a horde of notebook clutching "experts".

This is India. This blogger has eloquently expressed his opinion on the clothing tendencies of the Indian female here.  Now, compare that with the presumably "hot" outfits on full display at the aforementioned fashion event.

Have you ever seen anybody dressed like this ?

Or like this ?

Can you imagine Rajalakshmi like this

Or even like this ?

Alas, this is no longer a feminine preserve. There seem to be metrosexuals who want to look like this

Not even for fun can I picture Gils like this

Or Zeno like this

I mean, who wears such stuff ??  Have you seen a single human being attired like this ? OK OK - I don't frequent the crowd that features on Page 3 (for non Indians - Page 3 in Indian papers is not topless females; its photos of the so called party goers - apparently there are a breed who want their mug shots looking silly to feature in the papers). I am told reliably that such monstrosities may feature there.

Judging by the buhaha (word courtesy Reflections) over this event, there are presumably lots of people interested in such stuff. Corporate sponsors fall over themselves to be seen there. Now corporate sponsors are not exactly known for their wisdom when it comes to throwing away somebody else's money.  So everybody has a ball - the slightly weird lot who make this stuff, the anorexia addicted lot who wear this and walk that funny walk and the notebook clutching lot, who love a free drink and like to think that their opinion matters.

Well, to each his own. However, chances are that most people, if they see an apparition like this .......

.... are likely to run a few miles.


RS said...

This post is so exemplary of 'kusumbu' :D :P

raghavendra kotla said...

Ramesh, I have this doubt in my mind for many years, who on the planet wear dresses like these which on shown on fashion ramp. I answered my mind...may be there is another world which I am not aware :-) :-)

Anonymous said...

Yep, these outfits are really crazy. Someone should be out of their mind to wear this otherwise.
You should now agree that the SK is a much more decent attire compared to these wierd ones. :)

Ramesh said...

@RS - Very "technical" term to describe a random post :)

@Kotla - I thought this was precisely the circle that you moved in laaa ???

@hema - No way. Even this is preferable to the other unmentionable stuff :)

sulo` said...

ha ha ha... oops! i mean.... buhaaaahaaaa...! you like that word too :) even I :) Chechi rocks, doesnt she???

loved this post... the sarcasm rather, gr8 going bro ;)

Deepa said...

I am back in action after 2 crazy months. But I have to tell you, I did read all the posts in between.

Whoever thought one couldn't say Ramesh and LFW in one sentence! :)

kiwibloke said...


gils said...

yaaro espn package expire aaidthunnu FTVya vacha kann vaangaama pathirukaa polarikkay :)

Vishal said...

LOL :D ... now I understand why these past 2 weeks were dry on your blog and there was even one wordless post. You were busy following fashion stuff? Not bad! ahem, ahem ;-) :) Have to agree with Deepa!

sulo badri said...

Hey rammmmmmmm....

I have posted, go n read n then wish... am excited already.... waitin for nance's reaction :)

zeno said...

Ah So there is no supervision at home huh? watching all things you aren't supposed to watch :P

BTW, My dressing sense is too pathetic and in some measures could beat these folks hands down :)

Ramesh said...

@sulo - Buhahaha indeed.

@Deepa - Lovely to see you back. Hope all the craziness has gone away with Irene. Remember one of the old Indigo days (before your time ??) when they did a fashion ramp and made us all walk that silly walk ?? I should have worn something like this then :) Missed a trick.

@kiwi - :)

@gils - Little chance. As if I will ever allows ESPN subscription to expire. FTVna enna ???

@Vishal - Much mistaken young man. That I "follow" or know anything about what I write :):)

@sulo again - Yes yes, gurl. Once in a bluemoon a post does appear on your blog. Would we miss it ???

Deepa said...

Has to be before my time, or else my comment would have been a picture of yours on the ramp! :)

Btw Irene was pretty sweet to us. a couple of trees here and there, but nothing compared to the coasts.

Reflections said...

Oh but I'm sure u know tht they[the designers] know tht we all knw tht nobody will go out in public like this.

There are 2 ways to look at it...
chances are tht they are new and want to NOTICED or it cd be the other way around...they are well known and can get away with it.

Like they say any publicity is good publicity in the entertainment whichever way they look at it its a WIN-WIN situation;-D.

Vishal said...


Anonymous said...

Hey, did you really walk the ramp???
What did you wear??
Would give anything to have a peek at the picture, if you got it.:):)

Ramesh said...

@Reflections - Win Win only if a photo of N in an appropriate costume is published.

Hope you've gotten better. We miss you in the blogging world. Back to being a Begum ??

@Hema - No chance. No photo. But the "kids" at office forced us to walk the ramp. Girls dressed gorgeously - me in my old office clothes. Same thing happened in China where the girls were even more gorgeous.

Sandhya Sriram said...

I am just at loss to wonder what is it that Ramesh cannot write on.

Maybe a challenge for you!!

can you attempt something on...........................

well i thought and thought and thought and thought and could not think of a topic that you could not write on and so i give up!!

With a Big Bow Of Course :-)

On LFW and others of this nature, like you, i also used to seriously wonder, who will buy and wear all these premium priced alien looking stuff.

I think what they are creating a tag name. A tag of craziness because craziness for some wierd reason is a measure of creativity. the more crazy you get, the more creative you are called. So this is a forum for communicating their so called "Creativity Quotient"

and by effectively measuring this craziness quotient, the audience are branded as Connoisseurs. So they are communicating their "Esteemed Social Status"

And by endorsing these, the brands also get the "Hep" Image. So the Brands are communicating their positioning and imagery.

isnt it a win win Communication forum!!

This is Like one of Sekar's famous "Kutti Kathai"

A father takes his kid to a statue of a very famous personality riding on a horse every day and tells him, look you have to become like this.

After some days, the child tells his father, "Father, i want to become like that Statue". The father is overjoyed and extremely proud. "but father, just have a small doubt" he continues, "What i dont understand is who is that donkey sitting on the horse?"

I of course lack Sekar's amazing articulation skills here but the thing is that we all believe that what and how we communicate is the best. But we dont really know how much true it is though!!"

Ramesh said...

@Sandhya - Not sure what brand they are promoting. The designers'own name ?? In which case why should corporates pay for self promotion of designers. We would struggle to name a single fashion brand that gets its publiity through LFW ?

Nice kutti kathai.

Preeti Shenoy said...

hahahahahaha. I am still laughing.Really good post :D I went back and read your old post which you had linked where you had written about the clothing tendencies of Indian woman :) I read the comments too and someone has rightly predicted there that a year down the line you will be writing a post on Lakme India Fashion show :)

Syed Hassan said... this at my desk and have people looking at me now on why am I uncontrollably smiling/laughing at my monitor..esp the pics and the comments :))

Ramesh said...

@Preeti - :) Yes Ashwini had said then that a post on LFW might follow. These days she doesn't blog; so I emailed her and teased that she was clairvoyant !!! She was mighty tickled.

@Hassan - :):)

rads said...

WOW I never thought I'd be reading about Fashion on your blog...loved both your posts...still LOL...

about your previous post on SK: sari, sk, and western can be worn formally and informally depending on the quality, design and how they're worn...there's no saying that a person will look professional in a western suit coz there are casual suits too...all i'm saying is it depends on several factors but definitely not on whether u are wearing a sari/sk/western outfit...

and LFW, well all fashion weeks look the same and ridiculous to me...more than the dress models i think we shud look for the colors, texture n prints currently trending on the runways...nobody, not even celebrities wear such stuff, except for lady gaga ofcourse...she's altogether in her own world...

Ramesh said...

@Rads - Ha Ha. On dress, to each his own , but we of coure have the liberty to poke fun :)

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