Sunday, 21 August 2011

Wordless Sunday


  1. Nice caricature Ramesh :-) But not definitely a duck...
    On a separate note, Dravid scored a superb century...which can help us from whitewash.

  2. Indeed, no words! :(

    May be one last hope :)

  3. Excellent caricature. one more facet of yours that has come out today - thanks to Team India.
    Still, Dravid is batt(l)ing. One very small hope that we will be able to bat thru the 2nd innings (No hope of avoiding a followon).

  4. Boss, Is it you, done by you? If yes, we need a picture to say how good this resembles you ;)

  5. kiwibloke21/8/11

    brilliant picture. did you draw it yourself.

  6. Let me guess: A certain 9-10yr old read this blog last week and made this to cheer the author? :)

  7. :-) Who is the Artist Ramesh? And why has HE given you a duck? You deserve a 100.
    [Am sure it is a HE who has drawn this and not a SHE..Women are usually kinder ;-)]

  8. @Kotla - Yes Dravid tried to stand as the lone warrior on a burning deck, but he has fallen too.

    @Vishal - Ha Ha.

    @Viji - Oh not; not me who did this. There's no way I can even draw a straight line.

    @zeno - Who said its me ?? It bears a passing resemblance to a pompous, verbose, "gentleman"" who writes some drivel, but that is probably a coincidence !!!

    @kiwi - No chance.

    @RS - Oh no; that lady has no talents in this field. And she doesn't read my blog - she says its an awful bore. Nothing like honest feedback :)

    @Preeti - Awwww. Yes, it was a He. Naughty guy. Of course, not a patch on your work.

  9. ellame correcta than iruku, aana kaiya katindu gentleman mathiri nikara umpire kaila bata kotutha pavam avaru enna panuvar? out than aganum :):)

    Is that HE refers to your son?

  10. Ah what a disclaimer sirjee :)

  11. @Venkat - LOL. No No. This was done by an amateur caricaturist whom I bumped into at a friend's house.

    @zeno - :)

  12. Hahaha, Ramesh, is that you??

    who drew it for you?? It is so funny!!


  13. @Tony - No No; not me. It's Lao MingZhi :):) Drawn by somebody with a little talent in drawing who I bumped into.

  14. Too funny :)

  15. Awww...brilliant picture and so cute!
    Should have shown you hitting a sixer or something though!:)

  16. Anonymous22/8/11

    Hey Audience!!

    Ramesh managed to fool all of you as ever. it is not he who is out for a duck. rather, he is the incoming batsman who has come in after all the previous have gone out for a duck and for some one like Ramesh, it is not the score that matters, but to be there and do it.. and he can go on until he choses to declare and he declares not to win and end the game but to prepare himself for the next greater game.

    Infact,this is a true representation of Ramesh, Can battle any odd, defines his own rules of the game, extremely reliable first class player, can lead from the front, from behind, from top, from anywhere and manages to bring a smile on people's faces even in serious circumstances.

    Three Cheers Ramesh!!

    Happy Batting

  17. Anonymous22/8/11

    Now a Game for Ramesh - Can you guess who the above Anon is?

  18. obvisouly anon should be a well respected madam by all readrs of this page

  19. caricaturelayum ivlo formala ungalaala mattum thaan iruka mudiyum :D :D

  20. Amazing last two posts!

    this one tells the story after the unthinkable has actually happened and previous one gives the hope of better shows to come...

    btw, when you come out to bat, it can't be zero. Has to be record-breaking 400 not out. Incidentally, the tally of posts on this blog clocks at 411 not out :) :)

  21. @J - :)

    @Hema - Keeping with current times, a duck is better :)

    @Anon - Awwww. As always, far too kind.

    Of course, everybody can recognise you. Venkat has aptly described you as "well respected madam" :)

    @Venkat - Absolutely right

    @gils - Booo Hooo

    @Vishal - Amazing that you actually looked at my "score"

  22. suloooooooooooooooo!24/8/11

    do you have a gurl kid????

  23. @sulo - me no know mdrn English. What iz gurl ?

  24. sulo`28/8/11

    @ram.... bro, i almost forgot where i was commenting... would check my spellings the next time...

    ps. read 'would check' as 'would try to check' :D

  25. @sulo - The delightful thing about you is that your comment always makes me sratch my head to get the tubelight going. Check what ??????

  26. Sulo means 'check her spelling' Ramesh';-D

    Cool caricature we've got some idea what u look like;-D

  27. @Reflections - Of course it takes a gurl to understand a gurl :):)

    Who said it was anything to do with me ??? Me dashing, handsome, young, stunning, etc etc.

  28. sulo - the upholder of truth!31/8/11

    ha ha... is that so?? :-D

    First, I said that I would check my spellings...

    Then i had 2nd thoughts, so I said, would try to check my spellings... i cant guarantee that i would always!!! :-P

  29. @sulo - Plizzz to clarify th following avatars.

    When does sulo become

    - sulo :(
    - suloooo
    - suloooooooooooooooo
    - sulo aka the obedient girl
    - sulo - the upholder of truth!
    - sulo the one n only :)
    - a sister far far away!
    - sulo awaits ur arrival..!
    - zzzzzzzzzzzzz!
    - as ever ur sulo ;-D


  30. Exkalibur6667/9/11

    This post reminded me of a brilliant tamil movie "pesum padam"...

  31. @Exkalibur - Ha Ha

  32. Hey Ramesh..nice to see you :)

  33. @Rads - Who said it was me ???? :):):)


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