Thursday, 3 November 2011

Without Comment

Brilliant article in the Financial Times today. Dripping with sarcasm and wit. Alas its a bit technical and you'll enjoy it immensely if you have a bit of background in finance, but even otherwise its a good read. 

For those not in touch with American politics or high finance -

John Corzine is a former head of Goldman Sachs. He was deposed by Henk Paulson.  Corzine then became a Senator from New Jersey and then Governor. He got defeated in the election in 2010, by Chris Christie who is the current Governor of New Jersey. After his defeat in the election, Corzine became Chairman of MF Global which has just declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy.


RamMmm said...

AhA, Now I understand why I got a mail from MF Global India Operations (my NSE trading platform) stating that they are perfectly fine. Missed the news on the bigger one. :-) :-)

Indeed a sarcastic article and a witty adaptation of the original from Hans Christian Andersen! Looks like these days most of the emperors have no clothes, either they think they are clothed or are stripped. :-)

Maybe we'll see the story of King Canute next, with the Greeks.

Vishal said...

Superb link, Ramesh! Wonder where will Corzine land up next?

Sandhya Sriram said...

beautiful article!! who says stock markets and business news are mundane and boring...

these tales dont just play in the west, you can find some in our own neighbourhood as well.

rumpelstiltskin - while weaving the golden straws for all the politicians, none of the business top shots ever thought that some one could ever name them. but then, many of them got named and now left either counting bars or about to count.

taming of the shrewd: when the husband (Mr. Y V Reddy) couldnt control the talkative wife (inflation), all he could do was to break all the pots (hiking interest rates), maybe he will end up taming, but i dont know if will be able to buy those pots (growth) again

who took my strawberries: a man who rode a very fast cart of strawberries to the market without realizing that there was a hole in the cart and all the strawberries have already fallen on the way (the story of Nano)

And last one....

Cindrella - this is a non business one and i wont elaborate it)

Ramesh said...

@RamMmm - Ahhhh Senor is a Dalal Street high priest !!!

Suggestion - Senor's blog is a little bare these days. Perhaps KIng Canute's story will be a nice addition !

@Vishal - Oh - he'll manage all right !

@Sandhya - Letter from Financial Times

Ms Sandhya Sriram,

After reading your comment in an "esteemed" :) blog, we have decided to fire our columnit John Gapper and are hereby offering you his job. Would you kindly report to our offices at Fleet Street in London on Monday.

Yours sincerely

Editor Esq.

J said...

Good one! We are going to keep stripping people of the emperor's clothes for some time to come, I think (hope?).

Ramesh said...

@J - Totally. Many of our modern day heroes are actually wearing emperor's clothes.

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