Wednesday, 12 September 2012

China's next emperor(s)

Here's a completely political piece, which I wrote as a guest post on my good friend Sriram's blog. I normally don't stray into the political arena, but couldn't resist this one !

What say you ? If you like, leave a comment on his blog.


  1. avvvvvvvv...chinala adutha cabinet enna irukumnu ipovay tellinga!!! epdi thala ithelaam!!!! neenga yaaru...enna panreenga!!! marma desama vida marmamaa iruku!!

  2. xie xie for a great post :-)

    @gils love your comment.

  3. @Gilsu - Idle minds have lots of time to acquire useless information.

    @Vincy - 不客气 (Bukeqi) !

  4. Sandhya Sriram16/9/12

    Yes Thalai. Gils is right.

    You are amazing.

  5. Thanks for the post, Ramesh. I am not sure if you have picked up all the comments over at my blog ...

    News is that the mystery is over. James Fallows writes this:

  6. @Sandhya - You too have picked up the Gils refrain of Thalai !!!!!


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