Friday, 24 April 2009

Dilemmas - II

Ethics are either black or white - there are no shades of grey in my view, as I posted before.

But there are some situations in business life where ethically it seems OK, but morally its not so clear. In such a situation, an individual's value systems determine what's right or wrong and there is no one right way.

Today's poser.

Does it matter what business the company you work for, is in ? If your company is an IT company or a soap company or a telecom company or a steel company, there is no issue.

But would you work for a cigarette company ? Would you work for a company that makes land mines ? Would you work for a company that buys "blood diamonds" from Africa ? Would you work for a logging company in the Amazon?

Or, does it not matter what business your company is in, as long as what it does is legal and you do your job professionally ?


le embrouille blogueur said...

Another great post !!

Ramesh said...

Hey thanks very much.

Adesh Sidhu said...

Never thought about such situation...

I will think twice, in fact think hard to work for companies which do not fit into businesses which are against my principles.

Ramesh said...

Adesh - And may you never have to face such a situation.

But its not an easy choice. In India for example, ITC is a great company, and yet .....

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