Saturday, 25 April 2009

Dilemmas - III

Today's poser.

You resign from your company and join another company. Your were happy with your previous employer and he treated you well - you are moving just because a better opportunity arose.

In your new job, you need to hire four good lieutenants. You know that if you approached your four buddies in the old company, they would join you (for they loved working with you). But if those four left too, the business in the old company would be seriously affected.

This is one of those cases where in different cultures, you'd get completely different first responses. In some cultures, this is not a dilemma at all - you'd just do it. In other cultures, this would be a complete no no.

But, as I mused before, I believe these are deeply individual decisions based on one's values and beliefs. There is no "right" answer.

Would you place the call to your buddies ?


kiwibloke said...

Most people work for a boss- incidentally if the company is good, it is a bonus! I see nothing wrong in inviting your trusted lieutenants to join along. Any company that is daft enough to let things loose with no semblence of a succession plan/bcp deserves to go down the gurgler

Ramesh said...

Yes , understand your point of view. Equally, I am sure that some others might feel the opposite. This is the complexity with such issues.

Adesh Sidhu said...

This was kind of easy, if there is need in the organization, I will definitely lift off the team. I know them, know their capabilities and things will move on fast track.

Kapil said... these times taking "four" good guys can seriously put business and maybe jobs of many more at risk..I know pick four alongwith me jobs of 400 will be at stake..cant think for the organisation but there is a responsibility for the larger team.
It might be easier if one doesnt have an extended team. Its not an easy one ever but today I would think the responsibility is much more on us to think more than own requirement..


Anonymous said...

One is actually on the other side - trying very hard to retain, but actually helplessly watching the key lieutenants being weaned away by their legendary leader (thankfully in the same organization).

Ramesh said...

@ Adesh & Kapil - Two diametrically opposite view, and both right !

@ Anonymous - Oh ! Ho ! that's the worst of it all - poaching inside the same organisation. My sympathies !

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