Sunday, 7 June 2009

Done with learnings for India and China

The last ten posts were on things India and China can learn from each other. I had expected a lot more brickbats but was pleasantly surprised by the rather kind words. Of course, some of the brickbats were saved as many of my Chinese friends cannot access Blogspot. But more than differences between the two countries, I am amazed by how much is the same – for after all, we are both Asian cultures and share many of the same strengths and weaknesses.

Sometime later on, I’ll post on "Hindi Chini bhai bhai" – bringing out the many similarities I have observed. For non Indian readers , this was a phrase conjured by Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India in 1961 signifying that Indians and Chinese are brothers. For now, I’ll give China and India a break and get back to making CP on business in general. For those of you unfamiliar with the term CP , it refers to “Class Participation” – a concept peculiar to business schools where you get marks based on opening your mouth in the class irrespective of whether you are spouting garbage or sense. You can imagine what that can lead to amongst a group of fairly bright guys and gals who usually love the sound of their own voice - the term blah blah acquired a whole new meaning .

But that’s what I am doing now , through the written word ! Through this blog, I am laying belated claim to the much competed for title of our long passed out batch – “The CP King” !


  1. haha.. CP King!..
    actually ur write ups on China, were informative.. since very few of us have had very few or no first hand info on how things work there..

  2. You do not qualify to be in the race for CP King....please do not flatter yourself ...haha!! I second what AJCL said ....very informative posts...looking forward to the Bhai Bhai series !!

  3. Are you fishing for compliments by calling yourself CP King? :)

  4. Anonymous7/6/09

    Ramesh,you are already the CP King in our Chinese classes,haha~~

  5. CO eh? well I guess then all bloggers are CP in their own way...

  6. Ok Ok - not CP king , considering that there are such luminaries as you all - maybe "CP Prince" !!

    Nice to see your comment Zhang. No I surely am not a CP King at our Chinese classes - I can barely get a sentence right. Especially remembering to have a verb in my sentence!! putonghua shi kun nan de yu yan :)

  7. Anonymous8/6/09

    Ramesh..curious to know where you are learning chinese from.I am interested to learn as well.The costs were exhorbitant when i checked last and wasnt motivating enough to spend so much to learn a langage even though i understand that the merits of learning Chinese are large and wide...Vinod

  8. Ramesh, When you start the bhai bhai series - don't forget to cover the phenomenon of Chinese food in India (also referred to as Indian Chinese)!

  9. Aashish - Jolene from here went to India, came back and tore me apart for even calling what is served in India as Chinese - she says its blasphemy to call it Chinese food :D


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