Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Please learn from the rest of the world - Don't block the Internet

Today they blocked Hotmail, Twitter and Flickr. As Thursday draws near (don't ask me what Thursday is - google the date) its getting worse and worse.

The current blocked sites are

1. Hotmail
2. Twitter
3. YouTube
4. Blogspot
5. WordPress
6. Flickr
7. MSN Spaces
8. Bing
9. Most of BBC
10. Most of CNN
11. A few thousand other sites

We can manage without most of the sites, but Hotmail !! Its my main e mail tool, as for many millions of Chinese.

I am a great fan of this country. There's so much here to be admired. I have only good things to say about this place. But on days like this, my affection is sorely tested.


  1. The blockage is stupid and annoying. It makes me want to swear. Those Chinese officials making decisions behind the GFW are stupid pigs.

  2. I feel your pain Ramesh.....this must be so frustating.

  3. Hotmail too!!!! This is too much...

  4. Arrey yaar total internet hi block kar dena chahiye tha why spare only few of them :D...this is totally ridiculous...did u try using any proxies? but hey I guess they are blocked looong back right?

  5. ohh ohh.. final nail on the coffin- Hotmail.. you must be feeling so 'handicapped' w/o all the blocked sites.. like Rads said, total internet hi block kar dena tha.. my condolences.. and herez wishing u find new ways to beat the system

  6. Ramesh, hotmail, BBC and CNN are working today! Good news. We do need hotmail.

  7. Thanks Hang. Its a relief that they opened up Hotmail after a day. I was fearing that it would be closed for a month.

    Thanks all for your support.

  8. apparently China wants to keep it old school, Web 1.0, until further notice

  9. Anonymous7/6/09

    Ramesh, this is China and sometimes we have to face it.:)

  10. Yes Zhang, but why? This great country doesn't need such stuff.

  11. Hotmail is being denied to a Hot Male!!!! Painful I say!

  12. @reva - ha ha ha


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