Friday, 19 June 2009


I’ve been the recipient of two tags – and it’s a sort of code of honour amongst bloggers that you pick up the tag. So today and tomorrow are tag honouring days.

The Thoughtful Train, a lovely blogger and a poet rolled into one, has tagged me on 10 things that send me “boiling crazy”. Well, lots of things send me boiling crazy, but since this is a business blog, I’ll list down 10 things at the workplace that I get pissed about.

1. Answering phones, reading e mails and cross talking in meetings. For God’s sake why come to a meeting to do other things.

2. Coming late for appointments or meetings and not apologising. Yeah, don’t care one bit about anybody else’s time.

3. Listening to a presentation and asking all sorts of questions on Slide 1. Hello – can you let the poor guy say his bit please.

4. Having 74 slides for a 10 minute presentation. And having the last slide that says “Thank You”.

5. Pulling rank. Especially on people 5 rungs below.

6. Talking bullshit. Lying, giving “economical with the truth” information to make one look as if one is doing great.

7. Not wearing a helmet / seatbelt, when commuting to work. I despair of such guys who don’t value their own lives.

8. Fudging expense statements. Instant dismissal can be the only sane response.

9. Yelling at someone . Can it be done privately and without raising of voices please.

10. Gossip mongering and rumour spreading – especially about who’s promoted, who’s quit and how much raise did the other guy get.

I ain’t tagging anybody, but if any of the readers want to pick this up, consider yourself tagged !!


Anonymous said...

Wow, you are so prompt! You have made excellent points. And thanks for calling me lovely and a poet, I am over the moon!! :-)

A journey called Life said...

nicely done.. and how true.. could relate to all of it..
wonder what the other tag was ?**feigns ignorance**

Preeti Shenoy said...

It is these very qualities that make you one of the nicest people I have ever known. Satish and I often say it about you.
And a thorough gentleman as well.
I have no idea how someone can be so humble!
Loved this post.

Ramesh said...

@ thoughtful train - thanks. You are a delight.

@ AJCL - Haawww - I am waiting for your tag post too.

@ Preeti - I am honoured, touched and humbled. Today was not a great day and your unbelievably kind words have lifted my heart. You and Satish are one of the nicest couples I've ever known.

raghavendra kotla said...

Message from Phil Cox)
Dear Ramesh,
I fully agree with all your points, it is a pity that common sense, courtesy and respect for others is not common these days. We are about to launch a new expense system and I will quote you. A public hanging for fudging expenses is good for the business occasionally. Keep up the good work. Regards Phillip

Hi Ramesh
I religiously read your posts on this blog. They make a very good reading and are informative. Lot of them are thought provoking too. Please continue the good work.

le embrouille blogueur said...

Ramesh:Awesome...almost felt like I was walking through the corridors and witnessing each of these happening.The "expense report" bit is so popular.Someone I know carries two SIM cards, one for the real him and the other for questions regarding expenses.I wish I could put your meeting courtesy points on the projector before the start of my next meeting.

Ramesh said...

@ Phil - Honoured to see your comment. Am messaging you separately

@ Kotla - Thanks la - Comment some more la :)

@ blogueur - Hey, thanks mate . Such lovely words from a seasoned pro, makes my day.

Ajay said...

Hi Ramesh! Couldn't agree with you more on this. Wish more people were like you

kiwibloke said...

Nice one Ramesh. Some of the items on your blogs remind me of Robert Greenleaf's philosophy of leadership! Have a good weekend and all the very best for this sunday - summer solstice and some thing more for you in any case

Ramesh said...

@ Ajay - Thanks for the kind words

@ kiwi - I'm touched - thanks very much.

rads said...

LOL @ point #4 ... it happens always n some people think its great to have prepared so many slides but when they actually start presenting it; its utter nonsense; most of it...

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