Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Commercial Break

Taking a commercial break from the sequence of posting on Business Education, to write on the Sudirman Cup going on in Guangzhou currently. I am a sports nut, and for those who are unfamiliar with badminton as a sport, the Sudirman Cup is the World Team Championship. China wins this all the time, but Indonesia, Denmark or Korea can give them a fight. India used to be in the top league not so long ago, but its now in Group III, aiming to get promoted to Group II.

I've been going to see the matches live. Badminton live is something different altogether - TV is nothing like the real thing. China is simply awesome. My only grouse against them is that they have benched the beautiful Xie Xingfang and are playing Wang Yihuan in the women's singles. Xie Xingfang is a local Guangzhou girl - Beijing Games silver medalist no less. How could they do this ?

(China's first couple of Badminton - Lin Dan and Xie Xingfang)

India will win Group III easily. Indian badminton is actually on a high now. In Saina Nehwal, we have a world class player - she'll trouble even the Chinese. Among the men, Chetan Anand has been in good form rising to No 12 in the world. Rupesh Kumar, partnering Sanave Thomas has been outstanding in the doubles. Diju and Jwala Gutta are solid in the mixed doubles. India will comfortably win Group III and will go to Group II in the next edition. I'm going and cheering.

(Saina Nehwal)

(Chetan Anand)

Talking of cheering, its an eerie feeling. The stadium is three quarter empty unless China plays. I am the only Indian around. Even our Indian players couldn't believe it when they saw a lone Indian cheering. There's something special about cheering for your country a thousand miles away from home. Its a very nice feeling, especially as India is winning nicely !

Tomorrow is a big day. Indonesia take on China. The very thought of that match is making me salivate. At the level they play at, they transcend sport and it becomes poetry. Sitting in the crowd with the Chinese spectators yelling their head off , I'm going to support Indonesia. Indonesia is the spiritual home of badminton. That is, unless the Chinese decide to field Xie Xingfang.


Hang said...

Ramesh, I think her name should be spelt 'Xie Jinfang (谢晋芳)'. Her Chinese name on the 1st picutre is not correct.

Ramesh said...

No Hang, her name is right in the picture too -谢杏芳; Xiè Xìngfāng in pinyin. I know Xie Jinfang is a more usual name, but maybe its a Cantonese peculiarity, I don't know.

le embrouille blogueur said...

Ramesh ...I send you wishes to tag along with yours during your cheers from a very busy conference room in NJ.Jai Ho !!

Hang said...

It's a confusion and I think I am wrong.

rads said...

All the best to all the Indians competing.

Ramesh said...

Yippe Yay - India won easily yesterday against Scotland. Today its Bulgaria, they have to beat, and thats it, they go to Group 2 for the next edition of the championships. They'll do it easily.

But the big boys start in right earnest today. Malaysia against Denmark and China against Indonesia today. It can't get better.

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