Saturday, 2 May 2009

Cutomer Service is all about getting the boring bits right

Today's post is a guest post in Adesh Sidhu's blog - Not being Sarkari.

Adesh is an avid blogger and writes passionately about customer service. He is also an active member of the IndiBlogger forum.

Click here to read my guest post in his blog.


aparna said...

read ur post on Adesh's blog.. very insightful write up.. thanks for this one

Ramesh said...

Thanks for visiting Aparna and for your comments.

Sushil said...

Hi Ramesh - saw your post on Adhesh's blog and though I would stop by to say nice post. Was very curious to see your "about" profile. Will be going through your older posts now :-)

Ramesh said...

Thanks for visiting Sushil and leaving a comment. Tried to go to your site, but I suspect yours is a WordPress site. WordPress is blocked in China - one of the constraints of being a blogger here !

Anonymous said...

Curious to know which Airlines was it?

Ramesh said...

India's airline, which changed the face of flying in India over the last 10 odd years.

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