Monday, 18 May 2009

Communicating with fellow bloggers

Well, my "tunnel" is dark, and I really can't see very well, so I'm using this post to communicate with my fellow bloggers as there is simply no other way.

I can post on my blog, but can't add pictures. No control over formatting and I can't edit. Can't comment. But I can post, which is something.

I can read all your blogs, for the moment. When you don't have access to a blog, is when you realise how important and beautiful they are - so my fellow bloggers, if I haven't said nice things lately, I am saying them now - you are wonderful.

I can't leave a comment on anybody's blog, except Preeti's. Why Preeti alone , I have no clue , but that's how it is. So here are some generalised comments

Aparna - You must be banned from blogging. Look at your last two posts - on Appa and the guest post from Chotu. Big lumps in the throat - if you write one more like this, I won't have a throat at all. Worth all this nonsensical tunnelling just to reach your blog. Very very nice.

Rads - Are you also in China and blocked ? No posts ?? Ha Ha !

Blogueur - Lovely new look to your blog and loved your last post on neighbours. My own neighbours are all Chinese and I still am hopeless in learning the language. So we smile a lot - they are very sweet and its amazing how much communicating you can do with smiles.

Adesh - Thanks for all the help. You are the best Bloggers' friend in the blogosphere. That's an award to you ! I want to add "outrageously priced tickets to every sporting contest ; especially if Xie Xingfang is playing" to your list in the share of wallet post.

Mark, Hang, Jonna - My fellow bloggers in the Middle Kingdom. What else can I say except to add some tears of frustration, shakes of the fist and general ranting. Great to see you have all found your own tunnels.

Dada - Thanks for all your kind words of encouragement. No they can't "chop suey" me. I am too thin and they want something more beefy.

Preeti - Yes Ma'am. Thou ordered and we hear and obey. Will leave the comment on your site. Can you tell me the secret of how you alone seem to have charmed the pants off the stern faced censors here ? Whisper in my ear please....

I'll keep reading all your blogs, even if I can't comment.

"Normal" business posting from tomorrow (hopefully).


Aparna said...

thanks so much.. i hope the glitch clears up soon.. meanwhile will look forward to ur posts.. right now.. im going to dig into ur blog archives.. so dont be surprised if u find my comments on there.. (PS: im hoping u will be able see comments on ur posts..)

Anonymous said...

Well, as long as you don't develop tunnel vision, the world is safe. On the other hand, some would argue that curbs on an inveterate CP-maker like yourself are not a limitation on the freedom of expression but are in the public interest. Heh Heh Heh.

le embrouille blogueur said...

Ramesh ... thanks so much for your kind words from beyond the "walls"!! We should play Marco-Polo via our blog posts.Also - great to see the sarcastic side of your humor.I am totally at home.Till later...!!

Preeti Shenoy said...

Who knows why only my blog is allowed ..Maybe they too like candies and bubblegums :P
Nice to read posts like these once in a while.

Adesh Sidhu said...

Thanks a ton for award and wonderful words. *clap*

Looking forward to your back-door-entry posts.

rads said...

Hehe I should thank you for reading my silly writing so far...I'm not blocked but my hubby keeps me busy in kitchen during weekends..he wants me to dish out everything he's missing coz of staying in US and since I'm not good at cooking I first have to learn, experiment n then give a final test...this kind of takes up the whole time...i'll post something soon...hope everything gets back to normal at your end.

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