Sunday, 17 May 2009

Sneaking in !

You can't keep a determined blogger out. I stumbled on a way to "beat the system". Don't know how long it will work, but I'll enjoy it as long as it does. Its a little painful, but hey what the heck - its a lot better than getting completely blacked out. Posts may not look perfect, things might be out of synch (thanks to the sneaking I am doing), but at least its something.
If I go again missing for a while, it just means I have been caught and I have to find another way. But for the moment, I'm back.
Hooooorrrrraaaay !


Preeti Shenoy said...

wow!! Clever clever you!
Glad to see you're back!

aparna said...

thats really nice.. nice to see u back :)

Anonymous said...

Wait until the Glorious People's Firewall finds out. You will be chop suey my friend.

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