Sunday, 5 July 2009

Even more tag, tag, tag ......

Reflections has tagged me with a picture tag. Now I must say a few words about this famous blogger. Everybody seems to know her. Everybody likes her. Everybody reads her blog. She’s an active commenter – her comments are invariably nice and large hearted. And everybody tags her on everything, simply because she’s so popular. See all the awards various people have given her on her blog.

Now I’m in trouble. A picture tag ? I don’t even own a camera – logic is I’d rather see straight through my eyes than through the view finder. And rather imprint on the heart than on the film. See, how you can justify anything !!

Its Sunday evening and an occasional break from business blogging is OK (another justification for not being able to do a business post on this tag !). And the thoughtful train says “business is not just in my blood; it IS my blood”. Boo Hoo - !!! So, nothing to do with business,

Posted without comment. You can guess who this is and in what setting……..


  1. Ingrid Bergman ofcourse.....aaaah ardent fan huh;-D!!!!!

    Or did u just put this up coz she's wearing a keep in line with ur 'business blog';-S

    p.s: If anybody googles Nancy...they r going to land here straight;-D

    p.p.s: Thank U for the kind words Mr.Ramesh!!!!

    R u wondering why I'm so formal suddenly.
    I'm just trying to follow blog & all tht;-D

  2. nice to see this side of u..

  3. The lovely Ingrid has got you too!! . :-) And see how you talk about business in a photo tag too?? Oh, I give up! ;-)

  4. Psssst--Reflections does not like her name to be known to all--i dont know why.. That's why she uses 'reflections' in her blog.
    U don't own a camera!! :-O
    Wonder why.

  5. hmm I thought you should post a picture of yourself or something you've taken..this is cheating..n btw you don't have to own a camera to take a can always borrow...

  6. Ramesh... I think I see what you implied .... "beauty and brains" go hand in hand .....discreet but very effective marketing !!!

  7. @ Preeti. OMG. Thanks a zillion. Had no clue; I'll quickly make amends

  8. @Rads - What's life without a little cheating. And a picture, even if its not taken by me, can say a thousand words !! :)

    @blogueuer - LOL !

  9. @ Reflections - I am truly sorry for the faux paux. Have amended the post and hopefully not much damage has been done.

    Apologies. I should have known.

  10. Hi Ramesh, just catching up on all your posts over the weekend.
    The still is from Casablanca right? Got the actress right :) She is probably one of the prettiest woman to have been on the silver screen. On second thoughts, probably the prettiest after Madhubala :P :)

  11. @ Ajay - Indeed. "Here's looking at you kid"

  12. Hehe Ramesh...u r so thoughtful...really I'm past all tht now. Yes at one time I used to be a bit more cautious[and Preethi knew that;-)] but now I dont think too much about it anymore.

    When I said "If anybody googles Nancy...they r going to land here straight;-D" I meant about the wonderful paragraph u've posted about me. Thank U!!!!!!

    I'm so sorry I didnt get here earlier to explain.

  13. @Reflections - Oh so kind of you to leave this comment. You are really the thoughtful one.


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