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Le Embrouille Blogueur has been kind enough to give me an award. The award, he gave me with the words “ the man, the machine (firewalled by the Great Wall) ...and the power blogging”. I am honoured. “THE blogueuer”, for he is deserving of this title, is a wonderful blogger friend. He has a unique style of writing, fantastic sense of humour and despite a crazy schedule he keeps, which involves intimate knowledge of various airports, blogs regularly, comments unfailingly and supports enthusiastically.

The award requires me to honour at least 7 friends. This time, I would like to honour seven friends, who aren’t bloggers themselves, but are regular readers of my posts and are good friends in the real world, before I defected to the blogosphere.

Kiwibloke – At heart a Kiwi, but in soul an Indian. Fabulous guy, comments regularly, and can write very well. For the last three years he has travelled so much that he is not a resident in any country in the world. Imagine what a trunk load of experiences he has. I wish he would take up blogging.

Viji – The opposite of kiwibloke. Doesn’t comment at all, but reads all the posts. I know, because she told me so in person. Doesn’t travel. A lady who is much experienced and knows business very well. And she can write very nicely. Could I motivate you to take up blogging ?

Dada – A very dear friend, and been so for a long long time. Western Classical Music expert and the person with the best English I have ever known. He even took up blogging and made one post. And then chickened out. Come back you bum – Blogging ka tempo high hai !

Prince – The quintessential gentleman. No he can’t sing. Yes, he can write , and how. Knows more about business than I ever will know. Comments sometimes. If he took to blogging, The Wall Street Journal, will immediately appropriate him. Come on Prince.

Satish – One of the nicest persons I have known. Warm heart, soft touch, very good looking. He’s not blogging although he’s married to a famous blogger, author, poet, … (too many adjectives to list). Take up blogging please – Preeti maybe a star ; you will be a superstar.

Hansjoerg – A German by nationality, but he is really half Indian and half Chinese in spirit. The person with the largest heart I know. He spends half his life on planes, where he has nothing to do (yeah OK after eating and sleeping) – he can write his posts on the plane. If he wrote, it would be easily the warmest of blogs. At least it would break completely wrong national stereotypes of Germans (that’s to tempt him – tempt tempt).

Zhang Dan – My Chinese teacher. Lovely girl, whose English is so professional. A post graduate student herself, she amazes me as to how patient a teacher she is, with dullheads like me as a student. Her blog, if she chose to write one, would be a wonderful perspective of a young Chinese. Zhang – Stop “qq ing” and start blogging !

So having done my bit to recruit newbies into the blogosphere, here comes the boring blah blah –

• Link the person who tagged you
• Copy the image above, the rules and the questionnaire in this post
• Post this in one or all of your blogs
• Answer the four questions following these Rules
• Recruit at least seven (7) friends on your Blog Roll by sharing this with them
• Come back to BLoGGiSTa iNFo CoRNeR (PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE THIS LINK) at and leave the URL of your Post in order for you/your Blog to be added to the Master List
• Have Fun!

and then the questions and answers

• The person who tagged you: Le embrouille blogueur
• His/her site's title and url :
• Date when you were tagged : 30th day of June, 2009
• Persons you tagged: see above


kiwibloke said...

Thanks Ramesh for including me in this list! Honored indeed. Actually this blog might just push me into blogging - have been thinking of writing a book but I guess Blog will be better. the theme is taxi drive from airport to downtown. 99 out of 100 times I have taken a taxi from an airport (in any city in the world), the driver happens to be a recent immigrant. Conversations in those 60 minute drives usually center around what was life and what is life now - having been an immigrant, I understand! Have had the pleasure of having been driven by people of so many nationalities -an Azeri, an Uzbeki, a Slovenian, an Ecuadorian, and many more! I guess this is gonna be fun!

A journey called Life said...

:) very nice

Sanjay said...

Another achievement. Well done

Satish said...

Ha ha. Ramesh thanks for this but in Bongland there is a saying Bandar ko chane ke gach pe chadana- translated means making a monkey climb up a chickpea tree and think he is high up in the sky.

Completely flattered by your comments and on cloud 9 currently. However one author/blogger in the family is more than enough, I think. Secondly, with due modesty I must confess that if I start a blog it may end up setting records no doubt - the least visited blog award across the Globe, or the first blog from the bottom award.

I would much rather do occasional guest posts, which due to Preeti's popularity will at least have a few people making comments (out of pity for me).

Having said all that I completely agree with all of what you have said about me, at least so that Preeti realises there is some good in me and not the complete bum that she thinks I am.


Ramesh said...

@ kiwi - welcome to the fabled land of bloggers ...

@ AJCL - I continue to marvel. You are rushing around visitng, taking care of Chotu and yet you are kind enough to comment. I am in awe.

@ Sanjay - Thanks for visiting

@ Satish - Ha Ha. Preeti - are you listening ??

Viji said...

Completely surprised and honored indeed to find my name in this post. My sunday past time (reading your post, I found, is actually a short cut to know the business happenings around the globe)has been made enjoyable by your thought provoking posts. If you start a Non-pft organisation, you can count on one volunteer.
Hope to see your 1000th post soon. (Now it is our turn to set a target for you !!??!!)

Ramesh said...

Viji - Lovely to see your comment. Nice one - the setting target bit. And your artful dodge of my exhortation to become a blogger !

Reflections said...

Congrats Ramesh!!!! The 1st blog award is always special:-))!!!!

The way u awarded ur non blogger friends is really novel...kudos:-))!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, Ramesh~You know, I am so lucky and happy to have such a student as you. You are such a nice person. How wonderful to have you in my class! I'll come back soon and please don't forget the tings we've learned~~Bie wang le!haha~

Hansjoerg Siber said...

thank you for your kind words. I am not so sure if I have deserved them. I do understand you try to tempt me to become a blogger, but since I would never be able to come even close to your well written and so thoughtful blogs I think I better stick to what think I am good in, managing global organizations in different parts of the world, supporting and growing talents from different cultural back grounds and help teams to go beyond their own imaginations. I enjoy following your well written blog getting constantly new insights and reading the reaction from so many others. It is a lovely way to stay in touch with you and a community of people. Congratulation!

Ramesh said...

@Nancy - Yes, I feel special everytime an award or a kind word comes my way. Thanks

@Zhang - Thanks Apple Salad. You're truly a very warm hearted apple salad ! I'll try to "bie wangle" , but I'm afraid I'm going to embarass myself by again asking what's Chinese for sorry !

@Hansjoerg - Your lovely comment is exactly the sort of warm hearted blog post I'd expect from you. I'll keep harassing you from time to time to turn to blogging !!

Preeti Shenoy said...

:) Yes I am..
BUM can stand for Best Understanding Person :-)
Honestly, like they say at the Oscars
"I couldn't have done it without Satish and I do feel very fortunate to be married to him."
(There-- He fished for a compliment and I have given it to him in public.What more can I say! There's a lot more I can do ;-) )

Been working--so a bit late catching up.

le embrouille blogueur said...

Ramesh ... just catching up on your posts ...and I am flattered beyond recognition ... thanks so much ... you deserve every bit of the honor and it is a great feeling to be friends with you ......keep up the good work !!!

Ramesh said...

@ Preeti - LOL. You scintillate !

@ blogueur - Likewise here.

Preeti Shenoy said...

BUM=Best Understanding Man :-)
That was a typo.

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