Thursday, 2 July 2009

A Titan steps down

On a bright summer’s day in June of 1975, a young man walked into the portals of a great company. He had just finished his Masters and had come to take on his first job, as a Management Trainee. He was a simple young man, hadn’t seen the world, or even the country for that matter. But he had a brilliant mind – this company was known for brilliant people and even in that crowd, he stood out.

He rapidly grew in the organization. After the obligatory stint at a factory, ( and he became a legend there), he moved back to headquarters and started to seriously turn on the gas. One brilliant stint after another followed and it became obvious that he was destined for great things. He went to the parent company in London, came back, went back again and he finally came back to take over as the CFO of this famous company. He was the second Indian to occupy this post in the company’s illustrious history.

For over a decade, he reigned as the CFO of this company. And he became a legend.

He is a leader of men. A whole generation of managers in the organisation were personally developed by him. The number of finance people, who are now dotted all over Indian industry, and who look up to him as their mentor, is legion.

He transformed the finance function. He virtually invented how to wage war on costs in good times, rather than bad times. He foresaw how the internet would transform business and piloted E commerce in the company before the term became fashionable. He was an early leader in creating shared services, again well before his peers. He designed and led control systems for a gigantic company that were ahead of its times. Corporate governance in India has often taken the lead from this company – his handling of the majority shareholder and the minority shareholders has been the example other companies seek to emulate.

I am personally beholden to this man. For after all, he recruited me into the company all those years ago. I still remember the interview, when I didn’t do too well, and yet he decided to take me. Over the two decades that I spent in that company, he was my mentor. He was either my direct manager or my dotted line manager for many a year. When we both had a dream to start something new inside the company, it was he who became the Chairman of the subsidiary we set up. We grew the “baby”, brick by brick and he was the father who ensured that the home was safe and secure . When the baby quickly grew into a lovely girl and wanted to get married, he proudly gave her away – and made sure that we would be well looked after in the in laws place.

Men like him are rare in the world of business. He moves faster than the times and yet his heart is strictly in the old world. A world where loyalty matters, people come first, business aggression is tempered by a soft touch, humility is a virtue and where the joy is in the job superbly done, rather than in the column inches.

For more than three decades, he shone brightly in one company. He didn’t leave, he didn’t change jobs, although he could have walked into any company in the land. When dusk settles down today, something will unalterably change in this company. For, this titan would have stepped down.

Adieu Sundaram. Good luck and Godspeed in the ventures to come.

Sundaram retires today as Vice Chairman of Hindustan Lever, after 34 years of sterling service. Hindustan Lever, to use its old name, is the Indian subsidiary of Unilever.


thethoughtfultrain said...

I loved the way you profiled Sundaram. Simply awesome!! :-) For some reason, reading this post made me very happy. Its rare that bosses are remembered with such golden words. I just loved this post - :-)

Good luck for Sundaram and heres hoping he gets a well deserved break!!

vs.sekar said...

"Rail Sneham" is a Tamil word to indicate the ‘friendship developed during a train journey’ which is generally short, though some times having deep impact. We all learn by imitation. There is immense learning from the friendship in the professional journey. While "rail sneham" is for few hours during a train journey, the 'sneham' developed with few people during the professional journey is possibly for few years.

It has been great traveling with many during a long journey in HUL. There have been many fantastic people during the long journey making the entire journey challenging, satisfying, enriching and enjoying. Mr D Sundaram is one great personality I got influenced – though I was less fortunate of not having direct interaction with him.

When I think of him, what comes to the top of my mind ? His passion for his accounting fraternity. His mentoring. His leading people with affection. His powerful communication (sales – vanity, profit – sanity, cash – reality !). His electrifying zeal and energy. His eye for details. His igniting minds of the young BLTs. His perfect blend of usage of modern technology across with conservative changes in commercial controls. ………the list is endless.

Mr Sundaram has special interest and talent in Tamil literature. I was personally happy and fortunate to listen to his reciting Kamba Ramayanam poems and also sharing the great Tamil writings of Sujatha. I believe he started writing English commentary on Thirukkural – possibly the book gets published soon !

His couching has deep impact on every student. (I never forget his message every job has two parts A and B; while part A is the fundamental, routine deliverables for which we are paid for; Part B is the value add project which may give lot of kick – but we cannot afford to do part B at the cost of part A). When I met him few months back, he advised me to ‘spread the energy’ of whatever I have learned to the young team. Yes, practicing this advice really helps me to work with the cheerful young crowd in BPO. This practice helps in spreading energy not only with the team but also within ! We grow younger !!

Post ‘Rail Sneham, we really get thrilled when we meet the 'train friends' later in life. World is SMALL. We may therefore be fortunate to meet the great personality again !

VS Sekar

Neelesh said...

As penned down, Mr.Sundaram known to many individuals is a person Down to earth..!!,

This was never believed by me till I had an opportunity to meet him one of those days when the "Baby" mentioned was growing to be a "Lovely" Girl. The meeting really turned me down to believe the facts and the words which I had heard many a times.

I take this opportunity to Thank and pass on Good Wishes for all future Ventures Mr.Sundram Steps into.

Muthu Ganesh said...

Muthu Writes, I am very small to comment Mr.Sundaram’s achievements & contribution. I never directly interacted with him. However I had an opportunity to attend some meetings where he has chaired and also been associated with HUL (directly and indirectly) for the last 15 years which gives some comfort in writing about him.

He has done a historic change in HLL by transforming entire commercial process to centrally shared service centre in spite many business complexities. The entire transformation has benefited to HLL in large from process hygiene to business efficiencies.

All these benefits have happened only because of his vision & bold decision.

He has founded Indigo & made Indigo to grow. He made all of us to feel proud in working with this Organization and enables us to compete with big players in BPO Industry. Some of us were in fish in small pond & he made us to swim in Ocean.

Many of HUL colleagues highly respect him for his personal human touch. One Senior Manager in HUL said, He has done many reforms/changes with human face.

I feel proud that, I am part of the team which had directly interaction with him. I wish him Good Luck & seeks his good wishes for all of us.

Gopalan said...

Well written Ramesh - every word in the article rings so deep and thoughtful.

While I never had a chance to work with Sundaram (and this, I will rue), my few interactions with him have always left a deep impression on me.

Very true that an era has ended in HUL. I would like to wish him all the best in his post retirement ventures.

seshadri said...

DS-dedicated soldier - the torch bearer in improving performance efficiency of people associated with him with a cool headed approach. He is still the icon of many who can look for professional excellence. He has silently transformed the functional effectiveness. He is the Dirubhai & Sunil Mittal of HLL, with a clear vision. I thank God for giving me an opportunity to say a few words about him

A journey called Life said...

so straight from the heart, my opinion its your best post till date (one gets better than the other).. what struck a chord was the last but third para.. its difficult to envision that such people actually exist.. its my turn to walk with a lump in my throat all day at this extremely befitting testimonial..

Gopalakrishnan said...

Legends standout.His Vision and down to earth qualities are woth emulating.
The support he has given to IT function during the Mfgpro implementation days was pheonominal.His Big picture talks during concluding session of All workshops were brilliant and no wonder we as an organisation is quick to adapt to changes and be the first one to be there!!

I do always remember Mr.Sunderam when I think of CHANGE.

During one of the workshops in 2000 Mr.Sunderam gave a home assignment to all participants ,of reading a complete book .....
"WHO MOVED MY CHEESE? This was an inspirational book worth reading again and again.

*Anticipate Change
*Adapt to Change quickly
*Enjoy change
*Be ready to change quickly, again and again.

Yes, under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Sunderam we have all progressed so far, adapting to change quickly and keep the Flag flying high.

Wishing Mr.Sunderam all the very best for his days ahead!

Satish said...

Truly a major change. One cannot think of a Finance function in HLL without Mr Sundaram.

The post was extremely well written and the comments I guess have captured Mr Sundaram's achievements so will not dwell on any of those. However two things would like to add. Like Ramesh said a truly brilliant person no doubt but also with a brilliant and photographic memory. I recollect when he had just moved over as the FD for HLL and I met him during a training programme (I was one out of a large number of participants) and he looked at me for a moment and then called out my name and talked to me as if he had known me all his life. That left a very positive impression on you, since he did not ask you your name but remembered it instead.

The second, (and while more difficult to believe of any accountant, however more specifically not from an FD) is his incredible sense of humour. There are a number of stories which went around the organisation with their own masalas being added of some of Mr Sundaram's sense of humour and leaves you in splits. Being a Soaps & Detergents company however, one does not want to wash this linen over the Internet and therefore leave this for some kind of reunion.

All the very best to you, Mr Sundaram. It has been a pleasure working with you.


Meher said...

Dear Sundaram,

I will always remember you as a friend, a mentor (though I was not in the finance function), a visionary manager with a passion and dare, but, above all else, a simple and good human being who cared for and invested in people, which brought out the very best in them.

Ramesh's wonderful tribute to you echoes all my sentiments and there is not much I can narrate or add to it.

You may or may not remember the time when you were in living in Purshottam Bhavan and I was in the Chairman's office. You patiently and generously gave of your time to help me understand the intracacies of accounting statements and analysis. I have absolutely no doubt that this laid the foundation for my future success in the Company. And that too for a person who was not even part of your department. I sincerely thank you for this and many other ways you have helped me all though my career with HLL.

Unfortunately I was away for quite a lot of the time when you moved to the 5th floor, but I shall never forget the sense of comfort I felt when we interacted with each other in the early days when you were on the 2nd floor. You were patient, forthright and understanding!! And thanks for the many "batata vadas" that were sent to me when I used to work late.

It will be hard to imagine the Company without you, Sundaram, but harder still to visit the 5th floor and not have you there.

You foresight created Indigo and your trust in us and support for the birth and growth of Indigo is something we will always cherish. Without it we would have spent a lot of time looking behind our shoulders for "big daddy's" stick. But you helped us fulfill the original vision and grow the baby to adulthood and health.

May you and the family be richly blessed with good health, peace and much, much happiness in the years to come. Do hope you find the time to pursue the interests you must have put on the back burner and may you continue to have much success in whatever you undertake to do in the future.

Warments good wishes, Sundaram.


Varughese Unni said...

Well written Ramesh - every word in the article rings so deep and thoughtful.

While I never had a chance to work with Sundaram, however i had the priveledge to have few interactions with him whenever he visited us.

I would like to wish Sundaram all the best in his post retirement ventures and may god bless him.

Viji said...


You have echoed our thoughts so beautifully that I feel that we are at a complete loss of words. I have been very fortunate to have been in the finance function under him, from BBLIL thru HLL (HUL does not ring right for me).
His vanity, sanity, reality as well as his motivational talk to the junior managers have really moulded us into better managers as well as better leaders.
His passion (which is infectious) and his foresight to move ahead of times(shared services) are lessons that are worth case studies in any major business admin course.

Mr Sundaram - Vazhtha vayathillaey; Vanangugiren. We pray for a great and glitzy future.

Thanks Ramesh for providing this oppurtunity to pen our thoughts.


Srini said...

Mr.Ramesh's tribute article, the words touch and echo's the sentiments, gratitude and respect for this great Legend who has nurtured many talents. With a limited interaction that i have had with Mr.Sundaram, i must say he is a visionary and I am amazed by his memory power. I am one amongst thousands of managers who probably have had chance to meet this Leader once in a blue moon. But he always recalls and starts with the last meeting or discussion and start enquiring about the topic that we previously interacted. I am one of the early bird amongst many mangers who work in a great company that he has created.( As Ramesh Points out brick by brick). And I am thankful during my life time for this opportunity.

I wish Mr.Sundaram and his family all the very best in all the new endeavours and plead him to shower his guidance to the young talents and corporate world in whatever way that he could contribute.

Wish him and his family a good health and long life.


Anita Bhat said...

Many thanks Ramesh for giving us this opportunity to pay tribute to our "Legend".

I have had the privilege of a long working relationship with Mr Sundaram across various roles - as his Secretary in Brookefields, interacting with him as the anchor for the BLT programme and then meeting him when I joined Indigo - the "home away from home". What comes foremost to my mind is the deep commitment Mr Sundaram has always had towards people. I saw this time and again as his Secretary and more so when I managed the Commercial and IT BLTs. They were always the "lucky" ones who always had their "Director Contact" meeting. I recall being as nervous as the BLTs themselves, as Mr Sundaram's meetings were rigorous and checked out the rigour of the training programme as well as the learning of the trainees. He was instrumental in instituting the "NCSC stint in Chennai" and later extending it to the "NCMC stint with Indigo" (which was later to become a home for me as well !).

Mr Sundaram, your commitment to the young trainees truly inspired many others to devote quality time and inputs to them which I am sure has gone a long way in building the professional and dynamic Commercial fraternity.

Also, many thanks for giving so many of us an opportunity to experience a different world through Indigo and expand our own horizons.

Wishing you, Mrs Sundaram and the girls all the very best for the years ahead.

Warm regards,
Anita Bhat

Harish Navarathna said...

Dear Ramesh,

Very well articulated. We all at Indigo share each word in your article.

The values lived by Mr Sundaram can guide us for ever. His ability to connect with people is outstanding. He could make small fry's like us also feel important in a gigantic organization.

Wish, that success continues to be with Mr Sundaram for ever.

Harish Navarathna

Preeti Shenoy said...

A superb tribute Ramesh.

You know at one of the company socials (which I abhor) I was trying to blend into the back ground as there were so many people around him, trying to grab his attention. I just wanted the party to get over and I wanted to go home as my daughter was just 2 at that time. (and you know how it is when they are that age)
Sundaram made it a point to come and seek me out, speak to me and he remembered not only my name but details about me.
That itself speaks volumes about the type of person he is.

Very well written.

Ramesh said...

@ thoughtful train - Thanks for your lovely words.

@AJCL - Despite your running around in Chennai, you find time to read and say such kind words. You're a marvel.

@Preeti - Thanks for the nice comment. Yes, he has a knack of doing such things.

Geetha said...

Dear Sundaram

After all the words written by Ramesh and others, I am really lost for words.

I have personally seen the transformation you brought to the Finance and IT functions of this great company over the past decade and more.

What I have been touched by, is the amount of care you show for people and development of every individual. For someone who has to take care of so much of pressure from all quarters, it shows your true concern for people. This has helped nuture many a great minds who we can see in Unilever and outside Unilever now.

As a leader of IT function as well, you have helped the company grow to new frontiers in technology to get value to the business. Your trust in people, your astute business understanding, your clear vision to see the benefits of technology -that made each one of us climb the extra step to achieve what was a challenging goal. You have always stood for what you think is right for the business and have worked hard to help realise the same. It is your leap of faith in technology which is a lesson for all businessmen.

Setting up Indigo and nurturing the baby so well - Ramesh and others have already mentioned. It has been a very memorable journey for me personally. It is the freedom you give the baby to grow, while making sure the values are held tight - which has helped the baby to grow into a successful mature business today.

Wishing you and family the best of health, happiness and success.

Hansjoerg Siber said...

I only got to know Mr Sunderam when the “baby” was already a bride. However Sunderam did not only allow the “baby” to go, simply ensuring it was in good hands, instead he personally invested a lot of time and energy in guaranteeing that the marriage grew into one with a prosperous future, holding its hand and guiding it through the early days of the relationship . Now the “baby” is ready to stand on its own two feet, it is well prepared for a great future and has already earned a lot of respect. Thank you, Sunderam for being such a good father to the “bride”, as well as a friend and supporter to us all. I think I can say for the entire team in India we will always do our best and we will ensure that Sunderam can always be proud of his “grown up baby”.
I wish Sunderam all the best for his personal future and sincerely hope he will stay close to us. Knowing that he will be very busy with a lot of new responsibilities in the future I hope we can still spend some time together in both the near and distant future.
Hansjoerg Siber

Anonymous said...

Sundaram left the lovely girl with an incredible and magnificient dowry. Be sure, dear Sundaram, that i'll personally take great care of her. You can be proud and be sure that shes is in good hands.

Thank you from the 3000 employees that now are part of the family in India.


Adesh Sidhu said...

It is good that you had an opportunity to work with such great leader and visionary.

Write up straight from the heart.

Kiwibloke said...

Ramesh, beautifully written about DS.
To me he has always epitomised the philosophy of simple living, high thinking. I have always admired leaders who have shifted the paradigm (cliched!). DS was a class apart even among those leaders, he never made any incremental changes - he believed in quantum changes. While people in the corporate world simply changed the rules of the game to keep ahead, DS simply changed the game! Adieu Mr Sundaram, wishing you very well in your future endeavors. What we are (taking the liberty of talking on behalf of several of us who came along with the bride!)today in a great measure is owed to what you made us. Many thanks for all that you have done to me, welcoming back the proverbial prodigal with open arms when I got back from NZ to India.

BL Narayan said...

It is difficult to imagine this great Institution without this great leader. DS is synonymous with HLL/HUL and is an institution by himself. A person with a razor sharp clarity of mind. He sheltered the Commercial fraternity like a Banyan tree, inspired them to aim higher and crafted a path for each individual to blossom. He is a role model for many like me. His sheer expectations from people pushed the performance bar of the Organisation a few notches up. He converted a threat into an opportunity and a winning proposition in the form of shared services. A visionary of a rare kind. As a beneficiary of his masterstroke, I take this opportunity to reflect on a true leader who has been a perpetual donor of wisdom to all of us. I wish him well as he begins another innings after a remarkable debut with HUL.

Swamy said...

A great tribute to a Legend from an inspiring leader. In today's world there are large number of successful managers, but only very few visionary managers are there. Mr Sundaram is one such a visionary. Mr Ramesh has articulated well about Mr Sundaram's many successful contributions in HLL. Leaders who think ahead of times and make those thinking a successful one are very limited and Mr DS is one of the very few in the industry to have this distinction.

Mr Sundaram apart from his corporate responsibility should come out and write books which can be a motivating for young professionals.


Anonymous said...

I had an opportunity to work with the organization refered as ‘baby’ here which was fathered by Mr.Sundaram and led by Mr. Ramesh. Having worked in this organization I know this blog has come straight from heart.

Thanks Ramesh for giving us this opportunity to thank you both for setting up this organization where we had a chance to work with so nice people. We will always cherish memories of Indigo.

I would like to thank and wish all the very best to Mr. Sundaram !

An Indigoite !

Sanjay said...

A leader is always remebered by how many leaders he has mentored like himself/herself and even better. K Ramesh is one such leader who was mentored by Sundaram. I know one person that K Ramesh has mentored- ME...

I have taken a leaf out of his book and try to mentor people who work under me.

May the tribes of the likes of Sundaram and Ramesh grow....

Sanjay Jindal said...

Ramesh, Your post and other comments on this blog is a great attempt to highlight qualities of great Mr Sundaram.

I personally feel it is difficult to capture in words greatness of visionary leader like Mr Sunndaram.

I learned real role of Finance function after DS took over as CFO of HUL and started steering his team to play a much superior and enriching role than that of traditional finance function. He developed and mentored his team to be not only accountant but also shrewd businessman, entrepreneur and change agent in organisation.He always made his team think of future.He painted a vision and made his team deliver on big initiative,huge transformations and thus providing sustainable and consistent benefits to organisation. He converted every problem to a big opportunity of transforming and making big changes to ensure that problem will never recur again.Mr Sundaram's contribution is not limited to finance function. He contibuted handsomely to initiatives in other functions and often taught lessons on marketing, sales and technical to his team and other colleagues..

..One can go on and on....and highlight many other qualities of this great leader...

Respected Mr Sundaram,

I was enlightened, energetic and motivated after each meeting with you.I developed huge respect and strong belief in you as leader and You made a huge difference to me and my career with your guidance and support.

A great chapter in HUL history and life of many of us who are/have been associated with you/HUL is over......... days will never be same again as you move on and take up a new assignment and start a new inning.
It is time to say Thank You, Mr Sundaram for all the difference you made in my life and career with your gudiance and support and Wish you all the best in your future endeavour.May God bless you with good health and big success in your new endeavour.

Sanjay Jindal

Phillip said...

Ramesh and Others have truly described a great leader. Mr Sundaram has left a huge legacy to the business and many people. As Sanjay as correctly said a great leader can should be measured by the people he has mentored, influenced and developed. From of I have seen Mr Sundaram can be very proud of what he has acheived todate.

Reflections said...

U wrote this beautifully Ramesh...enjoyed reading it!!!!

I also read most of the comments here & am awed to see how much goodwill Mr. Sindaram has generated. He truly sounds inspirational:-))!!!!!!

Alex said...


I walked into the oldest factory of HLL 33 years back pursuing my dreams and encountered this young vibrant traditional person from Madras. There after Sundaram was one of my role models to emulate, simplicity irrespective of the position one holds.

His vision to use IT for business has made HUL the leader among all Unilever countries. I consider myself lucky to be in HLL during the era of Sundaram. HUL will not be trhe same without Sundaram.

I wish him and Geetha all the very best.

Ramesh said...

@Adesh - Yes, I've been lucky

@Nancy - Thanks Nancy. I am touched that you keep visiting and commenting although business is not something you jump to read about. Much honoured.

Ramesh said...

To all Commenters - Thank you for your thoughtful words and reflections on Sundaram. It has greatly enriched this tribute to him and I am very thankful to all of you writing in so movingly.

rads said...

Err sorry my business knowledge is very limited...thanks to your blog I get to know about a lot of stuff like this...I can jus wish him happy retirement

Syed Hassan said...

Each opportunity of interacting with Mr Sundaram makes a big difference to a person's learning and provides a huge recharge the impact of which remains with the person for life.

An industry leader in his own right, one of the best and most powerful speakers (that I have ever listened to in my life in person or through any media), a great CFO, the best Cost Accountant in the country, an inspiring visionary, a person who has an endless quest for learning, passionate display of rigor, an expert on Thirukkural ...the list is endless, but the best among all is the approachability and people friendly attitude which is the jewel in the crown..

Listening to him in meetings/workshops, interacting with him, seeing him lead are memories and experiences that we will cherish for a lifetime..

His words on 'corporate life being like a treadmill', 'vanity-sanity-reality', 'war on cost' etc reverberate when you think of the interaction and have been interalised by all the 1000+ managers who have heard him drive it hard...

Thank you Ramesh for the wonderful article and Thank you Mr Sundaram for the great learning that you have provided us and the infectitious rigor which we are making an attempt to imbibe..

Sankaranarayanan said...

Hi Ramesh

This is Sankar(Sankaranarayanan).. may remember from my Pop Tea/Corp Audit days. Am now with Kodak India
Absolutely touching to read your tribute to Mr Sundaram. The word 'Titan' fits him to a T.
My first recollection of Mr Sundaram, was across the interview table in Brookefields in the mid nineties. He simply overawed me in the next hour or so , with some razor sharp, rapid fire questions delivered at high speed. I remember a few others present at the panel, but it was a Sundaram show through and through, with me at the receiving end. I was pleasantly surprised to know thereafter that I had made it to the company (one I had only dreamt of joining-HLL)
You are spot on when you allude to his combining the aspects of 'speed of thought' with the 'old world connect' in his staying connected with his team members. All through my tenure in HLL and (indeed thereafter with Quest ) ,I have always felt quite blessed to know that here was a person (a Function leader who inspired awe in all he came in contact with ),who kept a watch out for his wards, challenged their intellect to add value and grow in their careers.
I personally owe him a debt of gratitude for the career break (in a Functional leadership role) he provided me with Quest , and his mentoring during my stint, most notably in his role as Director on the Quest India Board. Indeed ,when I moved to Kodak, Sundaram’s advise and inputs were invaluable to my decision.
I do feel mighty honoured to contribute my bit to this tribute to this great man. He has and will continue to inspire me every day of my professional life. If I can live and pass on even a small portion of what one has imbibed from him (visible passion for the Finance Function , promoting role of Finance as a business value,without compromise on basics,identifying and mentoring talent and keeping them challenged all the time, and being there for the team members all the time.

Mr Sundaram, I consider myself truly blessed and privileged having have been associated with you over the past decade and a half.. look forward to staying in touch going forward as well. Here’s wishing you and your family all success in all your future endeavours.

Sundaram said...

Mr Sundaram undoubtedly has achieved the pinnacle of professional achievements. But for persons like me, he would remain someone who could reach out to people far below his level of professional and intellectual capability. A rare human being, Mr Sundaram has set an example for all of us to try and emulate.

Raghu Tantri said...

Its very difficult to imagine the finance function without Mr Sundaram. Mr Sundaram was not heading finance function but an institution as vast as river Ganges built so passionately & carefully where minnows like me can become what I am by just taking few dips in the mighty knowledge reservoir.

Syed Aleem said...

It is very difficult to describe Mr. Sundaram what he has done for HUL in 34 years as a leader & to the entire finance fraternity. He has never preached what he has not practiced in his life & the same is inculcated to his team as well.

Today all of us are aware that that many of Mr. Sundram's team members are leading many top industrial houses in the country. Mr. Sundram has always ensured to reward the right person. I am one of the beneficiary of his grace & it changed by life altogether.

I would like to share my personal experience with Mr. Sundaram. If you are down in life & unable to get solutions,just have one meeting with Mr. Sundram for one hour & it will keep you charged alteast for three years to come & will definitely achieve the impossible.

Mr. Ramesh thanks for putting across your thoughts for such a great personality.

I wish Mr. Sundram & his family a healthy & happy life.

- Syed Aleem

Sandhya Sriram said...

i am too inept to comment on the Titan but can’t resist myself from saying this

Kuditazhi ek kolocchum manila mannan aditazhi nirkum ulagu
- from the thirukural

the world clings to the ruler’s feet whose scepter clasps the people’s heart.

This is what Mr. Sundaram has been to his people.


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