Thursday, 16 July 2009

Pets only airline

Did you say that the airline industry is in doldrums ? Well, here’s a start up in the airline industry. A pets only airline. Where else, but in the US of A.

Pet Airways will only carry “pawsengers”. No humans please. Services include a boarding lounge, pre boarding walks, full service on board including meals, loo breaks and the full attention of a cabin crew.

Flights are sold out for the next two months.

Visit if you are a pet and wish to travel

Airlines of the world, please note. Your industry is in fine fettle.


  1. trust u to come up with something, others have yet to come across.. never knew something like this exsisted till u wrote about it.. thanks

  2. @ AJCL - The rewards of idle surfing .....

  3. There was interesting discussion on this very topic on BBC radio two yesterday morning.

  4. I wanna be the air hostess for the "pawsengers"!! Interesting news! I recently came across a Pet Motel. And I was thinking of a job there too ! ;-)

  5. @Preeti - BBC too ? I am in exalted company !

    @thoughtful train - meow meow :)

  6. There is a Paying Guest facility for pets in Gurgaon. You can leave your pets while you are out of town. Guess with pet airlines and motels, this PG has competition!

  7. Maybe Air India can copy this new revenue model so that they can stay afloat for some more time.

  8. That's can "pets only" travel without their owners, sounds like some la-la land airways.

  9. And once they get off their planes .. they can stay here ....

  10. @zoobie, blogueur - see how a whole industry is developing around it !!

    @Adesh :)

    @Rads - Bow wow, meow, meow


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